People are different treat them as well as the disease

It has occurred to me that we all have different experiences of PsA. I was considering printing out some of the replies on here and taking them to my consultant, as I seem to remember him saying that he had not heard anyone telling him that, for example I cannot put weight on my foot one day but the next day I can, or a bad flare up can last from 1 day to months. We seem to suffer from the same illness but we all have very different experiences.

In any case thank you all for keeping me sane, and just for being here with understanding, without questioning ...and that wee bit of empathy goes a long way :)

Welcome to our very elite club and you are very welcome!

Good idea!

Yes there is something comforting to know that you are not suffering this disease alone- and that others understand.. because you SO often feel alone in this...


Juniper, that's very insightful. I hope you're able to find something that helps.

Welcome, Juniper! And yes, many doctors only know as much about the disease as a textbook or medical article tells them. The best doctors are those who take the time to get to know the patient and the disease. The day to day life type of stuff we go through is just as important as the major issues we have.

I have to say that no medic has made me feel as good as you guys do....I love the positivity, thank you so much one and all...have a good day now :0)