Mod Team needs Help

The mod team has been working for some time on a "Newbies Section" for newbies with PsA .We have gone from very technical to where we are now which is more experiential. I think all of us will find it helpful. We hope to start rolling it out in the next month or so.

In the last week we have had some really great threads that are both really positive and encouraging. One thread in particular struck me in that there is more hope than not for us folks with PsA, but most of us don't know it or are afraid to ask.

So here is what we are looking for. We want to include some "life stories" From diagnoses through "the gap" to effective treatment. The highs the lows but also the assurance there is indeed life after diagnoses and more importantly HOPE.

We'd like 500 -1000 words (give or take) preferably in word. all you need do is click on the paper clip up top of the reply box and choose your word file as an attachment. Just PM it to any of the mod team.

This archive thread will be a great resource not to mention so many of us have great things to share but frankly after sharing it a few times think we have all heard it before. The fact is we have several hundred folks coming through here in a month that NEED to see it and may never have the opportunity if you tire of telling it.

I also know there are a number of professionals here who can offer some technical advice be it meds, imaginge or labs. But they don't want to out themselves and I do understand that. We most certainly can share while keeping you anonymous. We are looking for that help as well.

This is such a great idea! This community rocks!!!