Anyone interested in a sub-group for Singles with PsA

I mentioned the idea of having a singles PsA group here to a moderator and they said, let's see if there's any interest. I'm single and my struggles and coping challenges are different from my married sister with Lupus. Not saying it's easier to have PsA and be married, have significant other - I know from my sister that there are significant differences that we cope with.

It's just a thought.

I'm not single but I do think the issues are different and a group for those to discuss those issues would be a great addition to our PsA group.

Absolutely. There are issues that single people deal with that couples don’t. I hope others will respond to your post so that we can get a group going.

I am single & agree that it presents a unique set of issues. These days I try to avail myself to all the support I can get. So count me in.

Great Dandylons. We need more people to support a sub group - but if we don't, we can always have a our own group of 2 !

Well, I am in. Hopefully we get a quorum :)

Hi Dandylyons, doesn't seem to be enough interest for a sub group. I'm sending you a friend request and thought we could have our own singles support group of 2 ! :) Maybe there will be more interest in the future???

dandlyons said:

Well, I am in. Hopefully we get a quorum :)

I am all for it

Great howdydoodee! So far there only three of us. If we don't get enough, I thought we could friend each other on this site and contact each other directly to discuss PsA "single" issues. What do you think?


howdydoodee said:

I am all for it

I think its a great idea

What number is required for a sub-group?

I don't know how many people we need for a Singles Sub Group - but I don't think three is enough. That's why I suggest we friend each other and we can have conversations offline.

I agree.

Was just curious ... sometimes my brain just locks in on numbers and starts trying to find an answer whether I really need one or not ... too many math classes I suspect ;)

I’m interested. That makes 4 :slight_smile: I’m sure there are more that just aren’t speaking up yet.

Sometimes, there are folks who aren’t on all the time. Giving this a bump and a feature to keep it visible for a week or so more.

Thanks Grumpycat! If we don't get enough interest those that are interested can friend each other and discuss "single" issues with PsA.

GrumpyCat said:

Sometimes, there are folks who aren't on all the time. Giving this a bump and a feature to keep it visible for a week or so more.

I think a half a dozen is good to start with and you are close to that number. In a week r so, we can get together and do the intro for the page.

I'm interested! I'm not able to stay current on here, but I do pop in when I'm able. PsA has me unable to work and currently out of the dating pool, but I've started new meds with a new rheumy and hope to get symptoms under control enough to have a life.

Hi Frances,
At first I didn’t think that I would be interested in a “singles” group. I want to stay connected with everyone. But, I think I would be interested in joining. Thanks for being innovative!

you can add me to the small list if you want. There are people more people out there who just haven't responded yet...