What and when do you tell someone you're dating?

Any other singles out there ? I was diagnosed last week and had a first date on Sunday, I'm wearing a boot on my right foot because the PsA has caused extreme pain in my feet. So, naturally my date asked about my foot - what do you say? I didn't want to discuss it. I brushed it off and mumbled something about not wanting to talk about it today. I need a better answer. I feel no one will want to date me if they find out I have PsA and I don't want to talk about it unless I know someone really well.

What do others say?

I can understand that you wouldn't want to get into the whole thing, especially on a first date. Not wanting to talk about isn't quite right, but you don't want to lie about it either. What about saying that your doctor told you to wear it to allow your foot to heal? It's funny, I find that few people that I know question if I am wearing a brace anymore, but you are in a situation with new people. Because my reasons for wearing a brace are usually tendon related, I just answer that I'm having tendonitis in that area. For me, it's a truthful answer, without getting into all of the background. Would something like that work for you?

Thanks Stoney - that's an excellent suggestion and true - I have tendonitis in my feet and ankle.