What a Week (or has it been two?)

I'm back! Finally! Originally I was away for the weekend, and then arrived home, slept, was awakened at around 6am by my daughter and was off to the ER (extreme upper abdominal pain). Then was the week-long migraine, an overly busy weekend, and spending the past few days just trying to catch up. It's been crazy. I'm six days out from my next infusion (5.5 weeks from my last infusion) and I'm starting to go downhill. Hip/lower back pain, swelling in my shoulders and hands, neck pain. I'm thinking that at five weeks between infusions, I may do ok, which is very exciting to me, as we've spent over two years trying to figure out my meds.

Of course I have a ton going on this weekend, and all I want to do is sleep.

I'm going to try to catch up over the next few days, but may not be posting much, as my hands are horrible at the moment.

Phew. Take a breath!! Given your crazy couple of weeks it does seem that you're doing well. Seems like you might have the meds licked. I hope you get plenty of sleep and soon!!

What an ordeal. I hope you get your much needed rest and smoother sailing going forward.

Thanks! :)

The migraine came back yesterday evening. Unbelievable! I'm having neck and jaw issues, so I'm going to talk to my rheumy about the possibility of the increase headaches having something to do with my neck/jaw. Ugh.