Well Guys

I had my first infusion yesterday and .all went well. Was really sleepy but that is probably the Benedryl

(ok spell check is overworking) and the Remicade. But I feel great. Dr. Devenshwar told me I won't see a difference for about 6 to 8 weeks. I actually feel a little better today, but fingers are a mess, but hey I guess there are trade offs. Thank you guys again for your feedback, I am looking forward to the best I can be! Thank you for giving me that hope!

Glad it went well. I just started my first biologic last week, Enbrel, and am hoping for a good response.

Hoping for a good response for both of you ;) Good Luck!

Hi MAT, glad it went smoothly and hoping for the best for you.

So glad it went well! The benadryl makes me loopy, so I need to get a ride to and from my infusion. LOL