Welcome Our New Team Members!

I suspect you have all noticed a couple of changes so figured, I'd make it official. Louise Hoy has joined as administrator of our new Group the Cuppa House (or what ever they end up naming it) She is a great resource having had the best and the worst this disease can offer. We hope that at some point she will as job, family and of course the 500# gorilla we all live with allow she will be able to join our mod team.

Sybil has also stepped forward to help moderate. This is especially great as our UK membership is growing and not only do we have a group for them, but a UK moderator.as well. Her sense of humor has me rolling half the time, but don't misunderstand, she as after all a stern old school marm (well maybe not old but this thing makes one feel that way)

Please welcome these members in their new roles. They have made a big commitment. I wish I could share some of the notes I have gotten over the last few years on how many lives have been changed. It because of the unique moderation program here, that Bens friends is much more than a chat room.

Big ups to Sybil and Louise Hoy for stepping up and helping out! While I've been gone from the UK since 1993, I still have a passport with a burgundy cover and when you cut me I bleed tea. So glad for our UK friends that you've got some focused resources and attention. You deserve it!

Welcome Sybil and Louise! Thanks for your many gifts!

Welcome, Louise and Sybil! (Yay - back on my computer and this will actually post - I've been having so many issues!) So glad you're both on our "team"!

We are very blessed to have you both pledge your commitment to the team:) Welcome!