We’re pleased to introduce a new moderator, Jules, on our team. Our UK members will know her well from Cuppa House. When you see her online, do stop to say “hi”.

In case you missed a memo, last month, another new moderator, Rosen from the West Coast, joined us. Rosen is a real asset to the group.

The profile pictures of your moderator team members are on the left hand side of the MAIN page. It’s easy to reach any one of them: simply click on the picture of the moderator and then click on the “message” icon just below the picture on their profile.

We love hearing from you: tell us what you’re thinking!

Thank you Mod Squad for the kind introduction.

I look forward to getting to know many more of our members and anytime I can help anyone with anything please let me know.

In particular, due to the time differences around the world, I'm often online when many of the others members and moderators are tucked up in bed .... so if you've got dark hours insomnia and need some company just have a look and see if I'm here.

Welcome Jules ad Rosen. Thank you for your help on this site!

Welcome Jules, so lovely to have you and your contributions will be great - and also a bonus to have another cross-time zoner!

Welcome welcome!!!

Woohoo! Welcome!

Thanks everyone for your welcomes to the Mod Squad.