Welcome Jen!

We have another new moderator. This one from Down Under. Jen has graciously agreed to help out as well. Her work as a scientist takes her to some amazing places including Africa. She truly knows how to live Psoriatic Arthritis. Please welcome her in her new role.

Welcome Jen! Thanks a thousand for adding your warm way and scientific knowledge to this position to make this site stronger!



Welcome Jen! Looking forward to seeing more of you.

Welcome Jen!

Hi Jen, thanks for doing this :)

Wow sounds like a really exciting career! :-) Congrats!

Welcome Jen - thanks for your service!

Thanks everyone, it’s such a great community to be a part of!

Hi Jen

Welcome from Qld.

Yay, Jen!

Woohoo! Welcome, Jen!!!!

Yippee! Jen is Oz-some!

Hello Jen & welcome.

Well done Jen x

Welcome Jen! Looking forward to getting to know you!

Congrats Jen and thanks for all you do.

Welcome Jen - great to have a moderator from another country !