We have a new moderator here on Living with PsA!

Please welcome GrumpyCat as a moderator! We are very pleased that she has volunteered to make this a better place! Congrats, Grumpy, and thanks a thousand!

Welcome, Grumpy! :)

Very nice Grumpy, thanks for your service!

Not a problem! This site has helped me more than I can express. I NEEDED to give something back to the members and Ben’s Friends.

Welcome, Grumpy!!!

I think you’ll make a wonderful moderator,thanks Grumpy.

Big thanks, grumpycat! :)

Thanks Grumpy, you already make a great contribution, and it will be lovely to have you as moderator :slight_smile:

I am so glad my grumpy friend will still be my friend! Welcome!

Congrats GrumpyCat! It's nice that you'll have the title now, as you've already been making this type of contribution.

WTG Grumpy Cat :) Thanks for offering to do this. Not everyone can commit to such a task. This is so cool thanks again

GrumpyCat, you are very insightful and informative, you will make a great moderator for this forum. Thank you for your commitment and dedication!

Thanks GrumpyCat, you will be a great moderator.

Welcome GrumpCat!! You’re going to be a wonderful moderator!

I agree with Stoney. You have been doing it all ready might as well get acknowledged! Congratulations Grumpy.

Very Nice!!

I have failed to mention that GrumpyCat has an advanced nursing degree, her expertise will add even more knowledge shared on this site. Perhaps she will explain her degrees?

Oh good! She will be a great moderator :-) Congrats!

Grumpy, what a great addition to the team!

Hi Grumpy!! Welcome!