Please welcome michael in vermont as a new moderator on PsA!

Another lovely lady has agreed to volunteer to be a moderator here on PsA! She is also a nurse! We are most fortunate that she is also willing and ready to help make this site even stronger.

Thanks a thousand, michael!

BTW, lamb would have posted this himself, but has an appointment!

Great to hear :slight_smile:

Fantastic news :slight_smile:


In case I missed any,thank you to all the new moderators :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. We will do this together, I learn as much from others as I give.

Woohoo! Thanks for taking this on!

Wow! Four new mods, good things happening here!

ThankYou for your service! So many new moderators - this rocks!

Thank you for your dedication Michael, you will make a fantastic addition as one of the moderators of this forum. Congratulations and wishing you the very best. You will be in good company with tntlamb, seenie, GrumpyCat and Jen.


I am so happy that you are joining us, Michael! You already contribute so much. I look forward to more of your straightforward, wise advice!

You guys are all too kind. I will try to live up to it!

WTG nice to have you as a moderator :)

Congrats Michael!

Yay ! Thanks for volunteering Michael !


Fantastic news! A kind and oh-so-sensible lady! Thanks, Michael!

YEah!!! A deserving appointment!