Weird swelling?

I've had my rx for about a year now, only taking supplements and aleve because I am stubborn and scared of all the meds (side effects). I have no real noticeable swelling or deformity on my joints, just a lot of pain and stiffness.

I also adore my heels. But I've noticed, when wearing heels, that I have a what looks like a huge bubble of fluid on my ankles, that I don't see when barefoot or in flats.

Anyone else get this? Is this normal for PsA? Or is this something else?

Well I gave up wearing heels when I was forced to quit dancing the Casa Doble. (The fusion in my SI joints made it too hard to wiggle the money)

But yes it COULD be the PsA. There would be just enough "bend" at the ankles that inflammation could cause fluid to build up. same with the L 4-5 thing.

Keep in mind Emily the pain and stiffness in your joints is what causes the deformity. Of course once deformed the pain NEVER goes away nor will the deformity. Those are a 100% possibility. Please revist the SE of treating this disease. aside from being overstated the SE are all most always temporary, reversable, and less than the disease.

Is the fluid over your achilles tendons? If so it is one of the early symptoms of PsA. I spent most of my 30s with it but never heard of PsA never mind this symptom. The shoes I wore made no difference, at least not for long thogh I found the brand KLOGS the most comfortable. I thought I was going up and down stairs to often so motified that but soon othe joints were swelling periodically and had problems with trigger fingers I thought it was over use again. Wasn't diagnosed until my fifties. Please look again at NSAID, DMARDs and TNFs. I am on all three and regret the time I was untreated. Best of luck and my thoughts are with you either way.

Yes, my ankles do fill up, and I don't even wear my heels anymore. As a matter of fact, now I know why my shoe size has gone to a 9 from 8.5. My feet are swollen most of the time, just varying degrees at varying times.

Tnt - you're hilarious!

Quite possible a ganglion inside the ankle joint or just plain swelling from the stress on the joint itself caused by the heels. A ganglion will pop out of the joint and form a moveable bubble. An MRI could diagnose whats going on in there.

Emily: Yes I have a ganglion on my left wrist and then out of the blue I have a "bubble" on the inside of my right arch of my foot and another "bubble" on top of my left foot. My rheumy looked at them and told me they were cysts. they dont hurt I can "feel" them when I am on my feet for to long.

This is why I love this site. Things that other people look at you with that "look" when you say things DOES NOT HAPPEN HERE... you can say something and its "normal" So thank you for having the same "bubbles" we are not alone.