Swelling and Tingling

I am having trouble with swelling of my feet and and ankles. I though it was the Enbrel but it seems it may just be the PsA. It is worse when I stand too long or even sit too long without my feet propped up. It is very frustrating as I am looking for a job and am afraid it will interfere with my daily work. I am also having tingling in my hand now, could that be Enbrel?

not sure if its the enbrel because im on humira but i have the same issue with my feet and ankles and hands and fingers my rheumy says its the PsA hot baths are the only thing that seems to help and I bought a pair of dr shouls shoes from walmart that are amazing for my feet, good luck

Yes, I have it too. I also have it in my hands, sometimes when I am sleeping it wakes me up. Using the computer will hand will tingle as well. It is the PsA. I can see my ankles swell through my socks it is so bad at times. It comes with the PsA. Make sure you bring it to your doctors attention.

Thank you!! I will let the doctor know. I feel like such a hypochondriac but I just don't know what is what anymore. I know the doctor doesn't mind but still.....so much to look forward to huh?

I know how you feel about being a hypochondriac. I have never been one to complain about anything. That is why I am the shape I am in now. Had I been more aware they might of caught my PsA sooner. Now I pay more attention to all the little things I use to ignore. That is why I love this group. I find out I am not imagining things & not the only one. Best of luck to you. Let me know how you make out with your doctor.

Funny thing here. It MIGHT be the Enbrel....... But not the way you think. As things get under control, some things go away but really they are just peeling off leaving others behind. Inflamation going away in the hips and knees CAN cause fluid to build up in the Ankles. The same with shoulders and elbows giving more movement to the hans and tingling occurring. Is good to ask your Doc. But if you look back and ask am I in less over all pain, or do I have some better range of motion and the answer is YES., then the above may well be the case.

The other thing is just because inflammation is overall reduced doesn't mean things will be "normal" getting to normal us up to you. Joints that haven't moved in a week will "rust" or "stove up" and muscle mass will go away. Imagine if its been years. You gotta exercise, there is no way around it.

Have you been checked by your rheumatologist for Fibromyalgia? I was diagnosed with the fibro about6 years after the PsA diagnosis. They have a tendency to go hand in hand. My feet and ankles stay swollen despite propping them all the time. The swelling I have is muscles swelling and they stay that way most of the time. I ask about the fibro diagnosis because of your swelling. I am also on theEnbrel and when Iasked my Rheumy if it was due to the PsA he said it was from the fibro. The fibro can also cause tingling in areas, like the side of the face, just about everywhere. Don't want to get you upset, but more to give you insight. Before your next visit with your rheumatologist check out this site...fibromyalgia.com. Sign up and then click the community forum block at the top. Then click on fibromyalgia forum from that drop down menu. There is endless info on fibro symptoms . Keep us posted! Toni

Thank you everyone for your input!! It helps me so much and I don’t feel so alone!!

Funnily enough, I went and had an xray on my R foot, convinced it was a stress fracture due to the pain, swelling and light bruising. No…it is a flare up in my foot. I went off Embrel the following week, due to no improvement. My foot is still sore.

I have what the Dr. calls pitted edema. Both of my legs swell to about double there normal size. I am now wearing knee high compression socks. This has helped with the swelling in my lower leg, but now I have problems with my knees. So my Pain Management Dr said to get thigh high compression socks. She said that the liquid is now in my knee rather than in my ankles. I am not on Enbrel. My Rhummy said that it could be the Methotrexate. He pulled me off of the Methotrexate until I had a echocardiogram. He review it and put me back on the Methotrexate. He told me to continue with the compression socks and elevate my feet when I could. I now have an appointment with a Cardio Dr. I do have a very low resting heart rate. It is is the low 50s and upper 40s. When I have proceedures done requiring me to be put under, my resting rate drops to mid 30s. This seems to be assocaited with the PsA (anklosing spondylitis) (AS). My rheumatologist has not told me that I have the AS. But he just told me a few weeks ago that I have PsA. I have been told for the last 6 months that I have inflammitory arthritis. Once I was told I had PsA I researched everything I could find on PsA. That is when I found out about AS. It seems to fall in line with how I have been feeling and other medical history that I have had. I am holding out for the rheumatologist to tell me that that is what I have. I will bring it up durring my next appointment.