Was dancing all night worth it?

I sit here soaking my feet in warm water and 10 pounds of oatmeal.

Dancing all night in flip flops was not the smartest thing I've done all week.

I didn't always have "alligator feet".

I once wore a size 8 shoe. Now I'm what, a 9?

The thickness of my psoriasis on my heels adds at least a size I think.

That's why I prefer flip flops.

Flip flops don't put pressure on my "crouton toe nails".

Plus, It's easier to gob on the vegetable oil all over my feet a few times a day.

Well, dancing from 8pm to 4am sure was fun.

When I woke up this morning and stood on my tile floor each foot cracked in about 4 places.

I should know better than to let my feet dry out too much.

I should have put patroleum jelly on my feet and slept in socks.

But noooooooo.

I had to be too exhausted from having a great time on the dance floor!

Yea, it was worth it!

So I'm down for the count for a few days. So what.

Guess I'd better start Googling myself now.

Never know what kind of crazies are out there.

I hear they put photos of stupid people doing stupid things on the internet these days.

I loved this

You are so funny, with such a great outlook on it all… you definitely put a smile on my face :slight_smile:

As a former dancer, I feel your pain and JOY! My girlfriends took me out for a pre-wedding party. I danced all night. I paid the price for days in nearly all joints. As my chiropractor said - do you really dance with your neck too?!! I said - I dance with my whole body!!! Sometimes you just have to have a GREAT time…worry about the rest later!~!!!