7/24 put my puffy feet in the Puget Sound

Flarey and feet and shoulders and hips today. I told my husband I am going to finally tell my doc to send me to a pain clinic. She suggested it 2 years ago and I did not feel I needed it at the time. this whole past year has been bad. I have been on the Humira for 14 weeks now. I see Rhumy doc on the first so.....I will get more feed back from him too about what steps to take next. I wanna get a life. yeah. lol. sigh......I cant dance if I cannot even bend over or straighten up or walk on these feet of mine. my poor feet. they used to be pretty. now they are puffy at the end of the day. I am still happy there is August left of Summer and potential for swimming still. and going to the beach and park with sunshine.