Presentation Day

Today was the day where I had to present my senior project in front of a three people who were to judge me on it. That morning I made the decision to try and ware short heals. Trying to look professional right? It was a bad idea. My right foot (the one with the arthritis) ached so bad by the end of the presentation. It was awful walking back and forth from the main building to where I was presenting. My toe is now more swollen than it was this morning. Im really upset that I can't ware heals anymore, and flats are to tight on my toe so I have no Idea what I'm going to ware with my prom dress. Converse maybe?

Back to my presentation. I GOT A B+ ON IT! It was about female body image and I presented to a panel of females so they really understood the project. They were all so nice to me to. Everyone could tell I was insanely nervous haha, I couldn't stop shaking. I'm not one for public speaking or drawing attention to myself so I was so relieved when it was over that I rewarded myself with a nap haha. Still happy I passed though! Now to bring my math grade up to a B from a C+!

Congrats on the presentation grade! Study hard and I know you can move your grade up in math. And yes converses will be fine. Most girls take off their shoes anyway at dances because their feet hurt as well from those heels.

Annoyingly, my initial response disappeared. You totally earned that grade! Well done!

As to the shoes, flats (and converse) are not very supportive. You may also want to look into custom orthotics. A good reference site is
This will at least help you get started in what to look for, especially in more fashionable shoes.

Congrats on your grade! How ironic that your topic was so close to home. Beauty hurts. One good thing is that flats are in style again. I have switched to wide width shoes to fit the piggies when they swell up. I buy from Zappos and you can order online, get them the next day and try them on. If they don't fit you can send them back for free. The selection in widths is more limited but I just stalk online sales and have a pretty good shoe wardrobe now that I can be sure are comfortable and cute too.

Congrats on you senior project! :slight_smile: I remember having to do mine. It was so stressful. But at the moment I can’t even remember what I did it about. Lol

I gave up on heels a long time ago, just couldn’t see a point in causing myself any extra pain.

Thank you all for the congratulations!

Rebel Mom, I actually did move my grade up :) It took a while though haha

Stoney, I am most definitely going to use that website! Thank you so much!

Sassygrl, Wide with shoes are the best for me as well considering the swelling in my foot won't go away according to my doctor ): I like that the website you mentioned lets you return the shoes if they don't fit. I will be looking into that as well.

Lena, I think I'm going to have to give up the heals as well. It makes me kind of sad though because I loved wearing heals. To me the taller the better. Thats not the case anymore haha