Senior Project

I just finished my senior project on body image! It took me so long to complete it because I had computer problems and I started it right at the beginning of all the PsA madness this year. If any of you would like to watch what I finally completed I included the link here. I am proud of this video, I incorporated what I absolutely love (photography) and made it into something that gets an important idea across.

You should be proud of your work. It's a great topic, and you did a really good job handling it.

Sybil and Stoney, I'm glad you both like the video :)

great video! thumbs up to you!

Thank you Meri :)

I just had a chance to look at your video. Nice job there!! I work on a college campus and there are plenty of unhappy young people around who should be thrilled to be young and fit and vibrant rather than being wracked with insecurity.

Janeatiu, thanks :) I think they are insecure because the media paints a picture of what women "should" look like and when they don't fit that description it makes them feel bad about themselves. I hope people learn to understand that the media makes money from making people feel insecure so they shouldn't take it to heart. I know that sometimes I forget that as well.