For all of you from are not alone

I created this video for all of those who carry the burden of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. There is a general lack of knowledge regarding both. Those who live everyday with their heads held high regardless of the pain, discomfort and scrutiny are my heroes.

God Bless,


Thank you so much!!!!!

Thank you very much. You have touched my heart with this video.
Bright blessings, Tyree

Sorry, prob should have asked first but have shared this link on a couple of PSA Facebook groups I'm in :)

Thank you so much, there was information I hadn't seen, and I loved the way it was presented, side by side with the other major arthritis types.

I don't know what to say.........I've just cried my eyes out!

I've always been sentimental

Thank you x

Awesome! Thank you


brilliant I needed this today.

Your welcome, it was good therapy for me and hoped it could be of help to others, So happy it was :)

jot1 said:

brilliant I needed this today.

Beautiful! Thank you!!!!!! <3