Wanting a positive day, will try gain tomorrow!

I woke up this morning promising God I would be positive, I failed! My day started with finding out my Uncle died last night, and that my Dad learned if his brother’s death via Facebook. I peddled around pain was on the bad side but I crawled aroud the floor determined to have a good day with my daughter, her laughter drives me to beat this dang illness head on! I did ok till our 2 o’clock nap time! I ended up on a pain killer and in bed till 7, and I felt guilty for not making it out to the pool today. Finished my day on the couch. When my Dad called to talk I lost it and started crying when he asked how i was feeling. How do hide pain from loved ones? I hate to lie about it, but he doesnt need to worry about me. I’m thankful my husband cares and understands I’m in pain. Tomorrow will be a better day! Tomorrow I will be positive and we will just start over!


I'm so sorry for your and your fathers loss. I was determined to have a good day today but that's just not happening and I'm just accepting it. I worked a 12 hour day yesterday at my job and am paying for it today. I need to go see my brother and take him out somewhere (he's got disabilities) and I was going to start earlier but it looks like I'm not leaving the house til close to 12. I'm not giving up but rather being realistic. I think you battling your way through the day is admirable. :) I hope you have a better day soon.

Dear Shutterbug,

My deepest sympathies for the loss of your Uncle. My deepest admiration that you still gave your little one a good day! You are most fortunate to also have a caring husband, that surely makes the road a little easier.

I hope that you are able to have a good night's rest, and a brighter tomorrow!

Wishing you WELL,


Thank you, his death was a huge shock. My daughter is my world and I will always push to give her 110%! She will be my reason to fight!