Voice changes/hoarse

I’ve been having voice changes and a hoarse throat recently. I’ve read this could be arthritis in my larnyx. Anyone else have this?

I have the same thing but after an endoscopy they have told me I have Barretts Asophogus, which I guess is common with this disease. Its a precancerous formation of the Asophogus. I told my rheumy and looked it up and its named in some of the articles on PSA. I guess there is nothing safe from PSA! :(

I know that inflammation can affect the vocal chord area, and that it can happen with RA. I wouldn't be surprised this also happens with PsA.

I have experienced hoarseness as of late, and started questioning if it's PsA, a medication side effect, or something else. This is an excellent question and I'm looking forward to reading replies!

Arthritis of the cricoarytenoid joint is what I was researching.


No I have never heard of this. But since PsA can affect any joint in the body I suppose it is possible. It can also effect the eyes, soft tissue like tendons and ligaments, etc. Wherever it emerges that treatment is the same. When the disease is brought under good control with medication, good diet, rest and exercise all the systems affected by PsA also get better.

Thanks for your input everyone.

I looked it up after I replied, Candi! Added it to my list to talk to my doctor about. I didn't mean to not respond to your post - it just didn't appear on my screen until after I replied and then I was reading about Barrets Esophagus and didn't get back to this thread. Thanks for the info!