Croaky Voice maybe PsA?

OK, so about 7 weeks ago I got this croaky/raspy voice thing going on… I mentioned it to my GP (after about 2 weeks of it)… he had a look in my mouth and discovered I had a pretty heavy bout of oral thrush going on and thought perhaps the voice issue was from thrush on my vocal cords. We treated the thrush firstly with regular oral antifungal, and when that didn’t clear it up with some oral gel antifungal, and tablets, which cleared up the oral thrush, but not my croaky voice.

Anyway, I’m off to an ear, nose and throat specialist this Friday (wow, that was the quickest specialist appt. I’ve ever got through our public health system lol)… but doing some research I have found that there is a wee joint in the vocal chords/larynx that can get arthritis, so am wondering if any of you have this from PsA? Just a thought :slight_smile:

At first I thought nah! But then again PsA can mess up pretty much everything else so why not?.. I’ve never heard about it before though… which doesn’t really say much but still…

I hope it’s something little that is easy to fix!

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Hi Janson, I have heard of this with RA, so it stands to reason it’s possible for us.

I have had it, but I had a number of other symptoms at the same time my Rheumy thought were likely nerve related, and not PsA.

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Thanks for the response Cynthia, I too am hoping it’s something simple to fix (or at least not something to worry too much about) :slight_smile:
I think the urgent type appointment is really to rule out anything too sinister… I really don’t think they will find anything too radical though :sunny:

Hi Jen75 :slight_smile: Yeah, I have heard of it with RA too, other than the thrush I didn’t seem to have other symptoms with it, although now I do get an odd little cough (that seems to be based in my throat, not my lungs), and throat feels a little raw sometimes.

I guess I’ll find out soon enough what it is, but am curious if others have found similar with the PsA :slight_smile:

Do you notice your cough most in the morning? It is also possible to get a type of silent reflux (GERD) that can cause a sore throats, voice changes, and a cough (usually morning).

@Jen75 Awww… thank you for thinking on it!!! The cough seems to happen anytime… there was no pain in the throat at all until the last couple of days, and haven’t noticed any “symptoms” of GERD… I wasn’t really worried about the voice thing, just asked GP about it as I thought it might have been from the arthritis… also am taking omeprazole due to the anti-inflammatories, I think they use this to treat GERD too… it could be silent GERD though, I guess… or any one of a hundred other things lol… hopefully will find out on Friday :slight_smile:

Most people I mention it to say they don’t really notice my voice isn’t right, but when a friend phoned the other night she asked a couple of times if I was OK… said I sounded like I had just woken up with a “morning voice”, a good description lol I used to sing and now can’t hold a note, so probably noticed it quicker than most would :slight_smile:

hi janson, i have been taking omeprazole for over 20yrs initially for ulcer but then on 20mg daily for Nsaid precaution. i have heard in the last couple of weeks, that Omeprazole may not be as safe as i thought. when taken daily for long periods it may cause bone problems. whilst looking that up, i found an article about it causing other people problems with infections. by reducing the stomach acid it made places more hospitable to some bugs that the acid would normally keep at bay. May be worth mentioning to your doctor. I was shocked because i thought it was safe as houses. can’t help on bone in throat i’m affraid buti was shocked to be told by my dentist that he thought the arthritis was in my jaw now! I hope he got that wrong. hope you get it sorted.

Hi there @laura_s_dad, thank you for sharing the info about the omeprazole, it’s not something I really thought much about, GP said I would need it as anti-inflams can be dodgy on stomach :slight_smile: I see rheumy next week, so will try to remember to ask about that too.

Oh, gosh, arthritis in the jaw must be painful, I too hope your dentist got that one wrong!!!

Not long for me to wait (only 2 more sleeps :blush:)… should be interesting to see what they come up with… will let you all know how it goes :sunny:

Omeprazole is indeed used to treat some symptoms of GERD and prevent damage from it, so that’s one ticked off the list :grinning:

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Hope you get it sorted and no haven’t ever had voice issues other than from laryngistis - spelling? Suffered from asthma all my life though and that doesn’t help voice issues either.

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Thanks Jen75!! Yes I thought the omeprazole should pretty much rule GERD out as an issue with the throat, so am pleased to have you confirm that :slight_smile:

Thanks Poo :slight_smile:… yep I’m hoping it’s something easy to sort too… I too have had asthma most of my life and now have been diagnosed with COPD too, although it has only ever been a mild thing for me (unless I get a cold or 'flu, then you can hear me breathing/coughing for miles lol), so I don’t need to be constantly on inhalers (which contribute to voice issues in asthma), haven’t needed an inhaler for months so can’t blame the throat on that :wink:
Thank you for the input!! I’ll keep you all informed of any progress.

OK so ENT had a look at vocal chords today… seems they are swollen (probably from irritants)… so doesn’t seem to be from the PsA :slight_smile:, and it’s good to know it’s nothing nasty too :smile: we’ll see how it goes and maybe treat it with steroids if it doesn’t sort itself out. Many thanks to those who took the time to comment on this thread… your support has been most appreciated!!!


Great to hear Janson :grinning:

Thanks Jen… yes I was pleased to hear it’s nothing to worry about… I thought that would probably be the case, but none the less was relieved and reassured to have that result :smile:

A relief I’d bet.

Thank you Poo :slight_smile: Yep… it sure is a relief!! :smile:

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Hi! I have a croaky voice at times. Have been to ENT. My Medscape have dried my throats and nose so much it is causing the problems. I mouth breathe because of inflammation in nose. After your infection is cleared try a humidifier by your bed a night. It helps. I also have dry eyes and it helps that too. And always carry water! I have a Brita filtered bottle. Can fill up anywhere.

Thanks for your comments Bern!! Ahhh… OK… it could be meds related… will ask my rheumy about that when I see him next week (if I remember haha)… ENT said it’s because I smoke (no infection there), ermm… could be, but they say that about every darn thing these days lol… I usually do carry a water bottle with me when I leave the house, and nearly always have a cup of tea close at hand when I home, I think maybe I’ve had a slightly dry mouth for years, do have dry eye. I have found a cold tea bag wiped over the eyes quite helpful for dry eye (unless it’s really bad).
I haven’t been able to sing very well for a few years now, but about 2 months ago my voice suddenly became quite raspy and a bit croaky when I talk, and I found I can’t hold a note to sing anymore :slightly_frowning_face: my neighbours are probably quite happy about that though :wink:
Thanks again for the ideas though… I will follow it up with the rheumy.