Still in hospital

Now my doc is concerned that I may have respatory issues. He said that PsA could possibly cause emphazima. Has any one heard of this. The operation went extremely well. I’ll be out by next Monday. Thanks again for your support.

I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. I hope that you are reasonably comfortable.

I'm not aware that PsA could cause emphysema specifically, but I do know that it can cause lung problems.

Hey ToP, glad to hear that the surgery went well, and if they are keeping you there then that’s where you need to be. Let yourself be cared for!
Stoney’s right: this is a systemic disease, and it can affect any of your organs that it wants to pick on. Many of us have bowel issues. There are people with heart problems and lung problems, all compliments of our mutual “friend” PsA. It sounds like your docs are being suitably cautious with you, and they recognize what PsA can do. Two thumbs up for your team!
Take the pain meds, work hard on your recovery (ya, that’s hard, we know) and keep in touch.

Great to hear that your op went well. I don't know of any connection between PsA and emphysema specifically but as the others say PsA can affect all our organs. I think the most common cause of emphysema is smoking.

Wishing you a swift recovery and hope you're home soon.

Got the news today. Pathology came back. I AM CANCER FREE!!! Praise the Lord!

Just wonderful to hear that. Congratulations!

Tired of pain said:

Got the news today. Pathology came back. I AM CANCER FREE!!!!! Praise the Lord!

Absolutely brilliant result TOP. I am so happy for you.

What great news to get! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Great news! :-)

The two doc’s that did the surgery had 40 yrs. experience. The timing from otopsy to surgery crucial. The out pouring of support and prayer. Then it happened a miracle! The two doc’s were very emotional when I was released. The power of prayer! Thank you all, because you’re part of the miracle!

Were so happy for you. Enjoy every moment of every day, and get well soon.

Such good news! Glad things are going your way. Hoping you have good recovery, keep us posted.