Haven't posted in a long time

Hello everyone, I haven’t posted in years but I’ve been going through a bad flareup recently. On Sunday I ended up in the emergency room due to pain in my lower left abdomen. Turns out it’s inflammation in my bowels. This time around it’s hit me hard and now I may have to go through some major medical procedures.

Has anyone had other organs besides joints being affected?

Well hi! Nice to see you back again, but sorry about the gut issues. LOTS of us have had other organs affected. I had what the doc said was irritable bowel for years. Then I got diagnosed, and when I got put on the right meds (in my case that was Enbrel) the irritable bowel was no more. Hang in there: no doubt there will be others who will have other experiences. PsA can affect any part of your body, and I mean ANY.

So is your rheumatologist in the loop right now?

I just went through inflammation in my bowels and I am still on prednisone. I got sick and my doctor believes I have inflammation in my bowels. So it could be the start of a few things that are not good. From what I have read there is a connection between immune system diseases that wreck the colon area. Those with immune system problems such as we have have a higher chance of getting these things I believe. Yes, my skin, tendons, and muscles. Any organ can be affected not that all people have that happen. I do not think there is a rule that the immune system diseases follow. Some of the stuff I am talking about are not directly related to psa but are involved with it and overlap.

I’ve been dealing with inflammation around my heart and lungs for a year and a half. Really not fun. I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with gi inflammation.

Intestinal problems, alopecia areata, and migraines are common for me. My gut problems improve when I’m eating probiotic foods and avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy and nightshades. I can’t get rid of coffee, but my gut doesn’t like it. Took some time to find out what my food triggers are via elimination diets. For the hair loss I see a dermatoligist for injections. Still trying to figure out how to get the migraines under control. I keep my rheumy in the loop about all my other things to learn what may be related and to get referrals to other specialists. I think of the body as a complex system and inflammation can hit any part of it at any time. I don’t yet have things under control but look for patterns and talk to the doctors. Hang in there! The GI stuff is rough.

Yes the bowels area is a hot spot for me. Also since I am dealing with ovarian cysts It is worst during those times of the month. I can’t leave the house some days. Spasms and inflammation. I hope you are able to find some relief.