In my obsessive, never ending quest to understand this disease, I would appreciate your help. I was thinking about how allergies work, how your body attacks them and thus gives you a reaction. With Psoriasis and PsA, your body attacks itself, the two have a lot in common. This observation brought me to the question, "I wonder if others with PsA find themselves allergic to many things as well? If so, what are they allergic to?" So if you don't mind sharing this information, are you allergic to anything and if so, what?

Myself, I am allergic to many things. The things that bother me the most are: dust, mold, milk (yes, a true allergy and lactose intolerant as well), feathers, mice dander and a bunch of other things that I don't encounter often enough to remember them. None of these are a deathly type of allergy. I also have sensitivity to many foods some of which include chicken, beef, and pork.

Thanks in advance for your participation :)

Interesting angle!

I have celiac disease - gluten makes me very sick, sort of like having the flu but worse so I am exteremely careful what I eat. I have been celiac for 10 years but have had stomach issues for more than that, just milder. A wicked virus set the celiac gene off for me. I don't tolerate milk products either. I have been dealing with (likely) PSA for over a official diagnosis yet but symptoms are worsening and I am trying MTX...waiting for another rheumy appointment.

I do know from reading that celiac is related to other auto immune issues - why not PSA ? It can be linked to Lupus, diabetes, and so on....I wonder if there is any research out there ?

BTW, I also have a mild allergy to dust and grass.

I had allergy testing done as a child, and the doctor said it would be easier to list the things I'm NOT allergic to! LOL My allergies have lessened throughout the years, but I'm still allergic to many things. As a celiac, gluten (wheat, barley, etc.) is out of the question. I also have a sensitivity to dairy and nightshades. I'm allergic to penicillin, mold, dust mites, grass, trees, flowers (basically I'm allergic to outside, although I LOVE hiking). I'm allergic to the glue on bandaids and medical tape.

I was just tested for 96 different food allergies. It came back as allergic to whey, eggs, cranberries, pecans, iceberg lettuce.
These are true allergies so my naturopath thinks some of these
have definitely played a role in my disease development or in the
or worsening.

As Northernelf says, this is a good question, Spinning Diva. I'm 58, and I've never had an allergic response to anything but sulfa drugs, and possibly an antibiotic called vancomycin. I was getting the vancomycin IV, and it was literally pulled quickly because it seemed to be causing a rapid, possibly dangerous, allergic response. So I don't really know one way or another on that antibiotic.

I have no food allergies, or allergies to natural or synthetic materials, such as pollen or latex.

Wonderful housekeeper than I am, if I were allergic to dust, I would have died a long time ago!