Thyroid troubles?

So I’m not sure if I do have a thyroid problem but there is something going on with my throat or vocal chords. I don’t have a appointment with my rheumatologist for quite a while and I was just wondering if anyone else has had some very uncomfortable neck throat problems. (I’m on enbrel and I’ve been feeling so good but this is something new).

I was diagnosed hypothyroid in 1997; I was diagnosed with PsA in 2012.

When the OB/GYN ran (and then reran) my thyroid (TSH, T4, T3, etc.) levels and they continued to be fouled up, my rheumy recommended I see an endocrinologist in his practice.

The endo reduced my meds until I was taking next to nothing. He told me then two things might happen: 1) the next blood work could mean he took me totally off the med; 2) if I began to feel worse in the next three weeks, we would do more blood work. I began to feel worse; that round tested everything, including thyroid antibodies. One of them was four times normal; two were abnormally high but not that bad and one was normal. Anyway, I have auto-immune thyroid disease. I've been taking Methimazole two weeks tomorrow and feel GREAT! I'll be talking to the rheumy about it also when I see him on Wednesday.

I don't read the same textbooks as "normal" patients--the doc said it was rare to go from being hypothyroid to hyper/auto-immune thyroid disease, but he had seen it in one other person. I'm also one of three patients my ENT has had to send to vestibular rehab because multiple Epley maneuvers didn't begin to resolve vertigo on both sides. In fact, the ENT calls me "recalcitrant" and my physical therapist calls me complex.

Your best bet is do a simple blood test to know. I was diagnosised hypothyroid as well. By the time PSA popped up my doc was able to dagnose it immediately even though I had no idea no neck discomfort but it was in her words not working at all. Don’t fret about ask about it that way if you have an infection or sever allergies or thyroid problems you can correct it sooner. Usually treatment is simple as a pill once a day. Good luck.

What type of issues are you having?

I have Hashimoto's thyroidosis (autoimmune disease causing hypothyroidism), but no neck/throat symptoms from it.

I also get nodules on my vocal folds because when my costochondritis is flaring, I don't breathe properly, and don't speak (transfer air while speaking) properly. This causes me to feel like I have a literal lump in my throat and a constant sore throat due to irritation and inflammation, my voice gets gravely, and I lose range when I sing. I have to go on vocal rest and do voice exercises to retrain myself to speak and breathe normally.

Thyroid issues can be diagnosed via blood test and physical examination.

An ENT can usually diagnose vocal issues - in my case it involved an exam and my vocal folds being scoped.

I hope you find some answers soon!

Yes nym that sounds like exactly what I have. I’m a preschool teacher and I do notice my voice hurts and cuts out my neck also hurts sometimes too though like in the front. Also the lump in the throat feeling. I guess I will call an ENT since my primary prescribed me Flonase for post nasal drip that doesn’t seem to be helping.

You're welcome! Post nasal drip can contribute, but the thing that really helped was speech therapy. I was also put on Flonase, as well as Mucinex.