Vitiligo Question

Does anyone else have Vitiligo? I have it on my arms and hands, and they itch constantly. If I don't scratch there is no rash but if I scratch there is the little red bumps that come up. This is my skin condition as I am one of those with PsA but not PS yet anyway.

Alma, I don't have it and can't answer but I hate to see a post go unanswered. Does anyone out there have vitiligo?

I do get itchy knuckles though and also around the base of the thumb. I go nuts with it in the summer (itchy knu ckles can be a sign of autoimmune disease, I've heard.) Got it on the base of my thumb right now. No bumps though. Anyone?

Thanks Petunia Girl for answering. I too have itchy knuckles; on the outside of my hands, the palm side doesn't itch. There are so many things that happen to my body that I wonder about and it always surprises me to find that someone else has experienced it. Nice to know that I m not alone, but sad to know that others are dealing as well.

I know with the vitiligo I have to use high spf sunscreen or it burns bad. However, I just don't know if it is normal to have the itching there along with little bumps sometimes red sometimes not. I just thought I would see if anyone else had any feedback, my next derm appt isn't until end of July.

Hope you are having a good day Petunia Girl (I love that name!)

Hi Alma,

I am no help either, had to look it up, and I do know what you are talking about, I have seen it. Here is a sight that may better answer your question,

Hope this will help you, so sorry you suffer!



Thanks SK I am new with this ; I will search that website.

Hi Alma,

SK had a great idea by googling your question. I didn't think to do that; wish I had. Sometimes you can find the best information online - by the sufferers, not the official sources. The official sources never mention the weird stuff like red bumps with vitiligo or itchy knuckles with autoimmune diseases. And you're left wondering why those things occur. I don't know about you but during the summer, I'm ready to just about rip the skin off my hands from scratching. Thank God for triple antibiotic ointment or I'd have died of infections many times over!

I had no idea that vitiligo could burn easily. I take it that it has less pigment than surrounding skin, hence the ability to burn easier? I wonder why vitiligo occurs in the first place and why it's associated with autoimmune diseases? I mean, it's an odd thing to get in the first place, loss of pigmentation.

Another mystery is the itchy knuckles. I mean, why the knuckles? And why not the palm? Why do itchy knuckles crop up with autoimmune diseases? I know that quite a few people with Lupus complain of them. Another truly bizarre symptom, isn't it?

I don't know anything about vitiligo but about 18 months ago I suffered from (what I have been calling) pruritis which is itching where there is no rash. I couldn't sleep at night with constant itching and I tried everything topical, no relief and then the OTC allergy medicines (like benedryl, which I hate because of how it makes me feel) and they didn't help. Finally, I noticed the last line of a list of possible sources of relief--cannibinols might work.

It turns out I have no trouble accessing cannibis. I am not a proponent of any drug or treatment for others [esp. with this stupid disease] but I will testify that I got immediate, immediate relief from the itching from the 1st puff. I felt the itching just drain away--it was actually incredible. For me it was a fantastic relief. I still get itching (the bottom of my feet being maddening) but easily scratchable and bearable.

Probably not supposed to talk about such but if you are itching anything like I was, you might be inclined to try anything too: even the demon weed. p.s. I don't drink and I take medicines only when compelled too.

TVP; very interesting...I couldn't do it though as when I was in high school and just would smell the stuff I would get nauseous and start vomiting.

Alma try brownies, takes care of two things ate once....... Although Brownies with out organic additives are just as satisfying for me.....

I'm not terribly familiar with Vitiligo, but my understanding is that there is also a loss of skin pigment???

Similar to your description is Dyshidrotic eczema which can look like that and is almost indistinguishable from Dyshidrotic dermititis. Neither are uncommon with psoriasis and Psoriasis can present that way especially on the knuckles elbow toe joints etc. Another one that operates the same way and comes with psoriasis BUT is aggravated by the sun or "scratching" is Dermatographic urticaria (also called writers skin) I'm bleeped with latter. Grew up being told I was allergic to the sun.


As much of a character as Petunia Girl is, the throne on this site is still undisputedly held by the dynamitelamb! He is wise beyond his years, but no one can help but laugh at his razor sharp wit and sardonic humor! Surely his eyelashes are 'fluttering' over that one, so relax, have a brownie, and jump in!

Amen SK

The thought of having a brownie is so bitter sweet. Rather it is laced or not, chocolate is still involved. Another one ofmy strange things is I can have NO caffeine or stimulants. Even the most miniscule amounts throw me right into cystitis. This started about 2 years ago. I miss my chocolate something terrible.

Oh Alma,

That is serious when a woman can't have chocolate! Read somewhere that they have determined that the horrible 'gotta have it' chocolate craving is actually a magnesium deficency! HA! Recommended by DC, I take Douglas Labs cal/mag that also gives you D3, but surely if you are on such a careful diet, you are smart enough to get those all important supplements.

I put a post on about new meds.


TVP, so others get night itching too? Is it abnormal to itch at night? I'm constantly at it. The dogs get aggravated with me, they're nice and comfy on top of me (notice I say THEY'RE comfy, not me,) and then I've got to change position to itch and itch. And itch. Sorry that you're afflicted by it too. You know how uncomfortable it is! And WHY does it occur at night? Hungry dust mites playing Pacman with our skin?

Heels are the worst, when they act up. Seems like the itching will never cease. So if you find that your gal MaryJane is a good friend and likes to help you feel better, good for you! I'd never know where to "meet" MaryJane but I don't judge anyone who "gets together" with her for medicinal meetings.

Why thank you, SK, glad you enjoy my humor. Just trying to make things a bit lighter. But you're right, lamb's got the title for wisdom. I'm amazed at the breadth of his knowledge.

How are you Alma? Still storming down there, it is here! UGH! Just thinking of you, wanted to say Hi, enjoy our talks, and our laughs!