Weird bumps?

Does anyone else get psoriasis on their scalp that builds in little lumps or raised bumps? I have some at the base of my skull and they sometimes itch. The do not hurt but they bother me. I have tried to take a picture of them as I can not see them but to no avail. God bless my husband but he describes them as little bumps. No so helpful. My psoriasis else where is plaques of red to whitish super itchy. These seem very raised compared to the plaques on my hands and elsewhere. Ideas?

Aren't husbands the best. I had mine look at a mole on my back. He said it was a mole. Got to love it. Wait till he can't identify his supper. I'll tell him, "it's your supper".

Any way, yes the p on my scalp is tiny bumps that itch like crazy. I treat it with clobetasol foam which is a prescription. It helps the itch but also helps it heal. The less P on my head the more hair I grow. I do not have any plaque psoriasis though my sister does. I have inverse and guttate psoriasis. Hope this helps.

Thank you!