Does this sound like psoriasis

I have PsA but have only had psoriasis once before, in the palm of my hand. Lately I have had red itchy bumps popping up on my stomach and legs. They are scaly and a little weepy in the center the dry up bit seem to be spreading. I’ve been in wait mode for the psoriasis to show up. I’m thinking this might be it. I’ve had PsA for a couple of years. The psoriasis in my hand started tiny and spread until it was a huge patch and stuck around for over a year! It was disgusting, painful, itchy, crusty, crackly and bled. I am so worried this is going to be like that. Any personal advice or stories would be appreciated.

Hi TigerGirl,

This is how my psoriasis started a couple of years ago. Just one or two red bumps that would weep and crust over. My dermatologist told me they were insect bites which was puzzling as they appeared in the middle of winter. Then around last April/May time a whole crop of them broke out along with the joint issues. My dermatologist still didn't initially identify them as psoriasis. But a second biopsy finally confirmed that they indeed were and the links were made to PsA. Some of these spots have now faded, probably as a result of mtx. However a couple have increased in size and now resemble typical plaque psoriasis. I have also developed scalp psoriasis and inverse psoriasis. At the moment, I'm treating all these topically with steroid creams etc. I'm hoping they will resolve when I eventually get onto a biologic as DMARDS have not helped my joints.

This time around, you're being treated already, right? If you're on meds, it should at least somewhat minimize the psoriasis. You can also ask about topicals for this.

I wish you luck with this. I've been lucky enough to just have a touch of psoriasis, just on my elbows and knees.

Probably, but it could be shingles. See a doctor. Either way he/she can probably help you.

Thank you guys! I also have what appears to be inverse psoriasis. I am currently off mtx because the side effects were just too much and I’m waiting to see my rheumy for a new med. All my symptoms are so much worse. I guess I’ll be making a phone call for an earlier appt. I also thought of shingles. The bumps aren’t in a line or group. Very spread out. I’ll keep you posted. I hope this isn’t going to be a regular thing but if it is, it’ll be a good excuse not to put on a bathing suit. JK!!!

Have you tried MTX injections? I couldn’t tolerate the tabs but have been ok since doing the injections