New skin rash

Hi all,

Over the last couple of days I’ve acquired a new skin rash on my hand. Photos are of yesterday morning, this morning, and this afternoon.

As you can see it is spreading rather quickly. Not itchy but is a bit tender and stings a bit. Just thought I’d see if anyone here has seen or knows of anything similar?

That’s rather lovely. Interestingly it looks like the start of psoriasis before it scales over, like just the inflamed part. Have you had any significant psoriasis before? Are you still off meds from your surgery?

Are you on MTX? I was just talking to my rheumy 15 minutes ago about some skin blotches and he said that the increased sunlight exposure can cause a reaction while on MTX.

My Psoriasis has never exceeded the size of a large coin, and only ever on my elbows and knees (though I think I had one tiny flake of it pop up on my healed surgical incision recently).

It doesn’t really “feel” like psoriasis if you know what I mean. The stuff on my elbows mostly stays in the red phase and rarely gets the silver flakes, but it always feels a bit rough and leathery and is itchy.

I have just restarted MTX, so that’s not impossible, though I’ve been on it for 9 years, and it’s winter, so it seems odd it has happened now.

I do get a rash on my face from Crohn’s, but it looks a bit different and has never spread at that speed, though maybe it is just turning up elsewhere slightly differently. I think I’m just glad nobody piped up with cellulitis or some other new chronic disease!

What I tend to do is nothing at first. Maybe slap some steroid cream on it and see if it disappears. If it goes away, great! If it doesn’t and/or gets worse, dermatologist.

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Yep, that’s what I’m doing :grimacing: