Peeling fingers!

Hey everyone!

I know that no one on here can diagnose me, but I was wondering is anyone has had this happen and if it could possibly be a form of psoriasis.
Just yesterday my hands started peeling like crazy, more so on my fingers, they are red and tender too.

Does anyone have any tips on us I should treat this. I use cream on my hands pretty often.

Thank you so much

Here’s a better pic
529-image.jpg (1.5 MB)

The last two flares of dactylitis one finger one toe, I had peeling after the swelling went down. I've had dactylitis numerous times over the years and have never noticed this before. Did you have swelling prior to the peeling? The type of psoriasis I have is Pustular Psoriasis that started in April of this year, I don't think the peeling is related.

I keep pictures of any swelling and skin changes to so that I can show my doctor and rheumy. One positive thing I have noticed is I know longer get the monthly pimples I use to faithfully get on my face, however my skin is similar to when I was in my 20's...more dry then combination. I wonder if dry skin could be in part from the MTX, it's cleared up the psoriasis, other then the odd bump on my right hand.

Hi Meg,

This used to happen to me all the time. Mine was accompanied by a psoriatic joint inflamed underneath the skin trouble.

I just would explain the type I had as an extension of the psoriatic activity just below. It was rough just like a psoriasis lesion. It was like a regular psoriatic sore 3D. Spherical.

I never noticed these type until my psoriasis progressed to arthritis in the finger at the joint nearest the nail. Mine didn't clear up until I was well controlled enough with Enbrel to stop the new activity I had in the fingers.