Itchy skin with no rash

So for a few years now I have suffered with itchy skin on my ears down to my chin and under my chin. It itches like crazy but there is no rash,it tends it get really warm aswell.Anyone have any thoughts on this,I thought maybe it’s hormonal but then I just read on a lupus site that it could be related to auto immune diseases.Since being on medication I have not had any psoriasis at all just joint & tendon swelling/pain. Anyone else get this?

I don't really get a rash with my psoriasis. I have inverse and/or guttate psoriasis which is non-plaque forming psoriasis. It is in folds, under my breasts in my glutteal fold, my ear canals, etc. On my scalp it appears very red and sometimes a little dandroff but not usually. The rest of my skin is itchy esp in the winter when I lotion it liberally. It is probably best to have your Dermy diagnosis it.

Yes, I’ve had this. When it first started, I had times when my face and ears would turn bright red and start to burn. I couldn’t find any pattern of whether I ate something or was upset, etc. Several weeks later I started to get red, itchy patches on the side crease area of my nose. Then I got really dry and scales (?) on my eyelid. My eye swelled up and everything seemed to itch! I have been using over the counter creams. I also started to hurt all over. Is his considered a “flare”? I’m not sure. Not sure if its P or seborrheic dermatitis? I don’t like it that’s for sure.