Anyone else have PsA without the P?

Though I am fully aware that Psoriasis could show up at any time, so far I have never had it! I'm more than okay with it too!

Anyone else?

I do have P but it is very hidden. My Dermatologist likes to play "Find the Psoriasis" with the med students with me. More times than not they declare me clear of P and she enters the room and asks me to show them. I have been a nurse for 38 years and use to be her husband's nurse so it's fine. It hides in the gullies between my buttocks, under my breasts and little splotches on my lower legs that look like I dripped hot tea on my legs. My largest patch is on my scalp which is bright red like a burn but you have to really look. None of my P has plaques. It is non-plaque forming inverse and guttate. My point is it can take forever to diagnosis and can be as small as a freckle. I hope it never flares for you and remains absent.

Thanks, me too. Unfortunately all of my grand kids all have it, while my son and I just have the pitted fingernails (used to confirm diagnosis) and bad backs, I keep a cupboard of salves, oils, and balms here for them, as they come often to stay!

Your description of your P looking like a scald makes me wonder if what we (including the GP) think is a yeast overgrowth under my Mom's breast is not P. It looks as though she is scalded or galded with a heat rash. At 81 she is finally feeling it in her SI joints. She refuses to go to the Rheumatologist though! I guess I can understand her feelings!

I had no obvious signs of Psoriasis until this April. I had the odd patch of eczema a few times prior to but never a problem until April when I had some bumps on my hand and then about a month later my left foot. Just saw a dermatologist and diagnosed with Pustular Psoriasis.

The only place I question is my elbows, only in winter. I have very fair, dry skin anyway, but my elbows peel and get very sore in winter, will be sure to show to Rheum or take photos if I have it again this winter, which it most likely will! Hope not, I would be just fine dodging that particular bullet! I already have enough holes in me!

Elbows, hands and face are where I’ve had dry patches in the past. My doctor told me it was eczema, the dermatologist said it was probably psoriasis and I was diagnosed wrong.

I'm sure there are many out there in the very same shoes, misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed. The first Rheum I went to spent hours with me, she asked every question, looked me all over, did everything but cavity searches, thing was Sjogren's had already shown up off the charts high, twice. She dismissed my Internist's ability to read the results correctly, which later infuriated him, said I did not even have fibromyalgia, though she would just say that I felt pain more acutely than other people did. I'm sure she never got another referral from my Internist!

My current Rheum said "all they needed to do was to look at your fingernails, they tell the story"!,,20483403_8,00.html

Unreal! See, thank goodness I found this site because its given me so much knowledge already and I’m finding I’m asking more questions and realizing I need to advocate for myself :slight_smile: