Very new to PsA itching scalp?

I also use tea tree oil and it works great. But make sure it is pure. I get medical grade from Melaleuca (if you are interested in ordering some let me know. They also sell shampoo with tea tree oil already in it)

In the past, I have used Pert Dandruff shampoo with success but once I started taking MTX, all of my scalp rash disappeared. I recently stopped taking the MTX and I am hoping the rash does not return!

I also have psoriasison my scalp but no flakes as it is non-plaque forming psoriasis. But it does itch. My Derm has given me a prescription for clobetasol scalp solution. I really helps to settle it down.

I have had great success with MG217 and seen lots of great reviews on it. Been using it for several years and use an moisture type shampoo about once a week for my skin. I have to get it through Amazon now due to not enough people knew about it so stores stopped carrying it. My psoriasis except for on strip totally went away. Use the jar type too and that is heavly sold in our drug stores. Given it to many people it has helped.

I’ve used a crazy amount of different stuff for my itchy scalp from the PsA. I found that rinsing my head with cold water works pretty good no matter what I use it seems to help and the “clear” brand and suave with keratin brand they feel less itchy then others. If you have psoriasis on your scalp the derma smooth oil or clobetasol foam worked really well on me. My psoriasis on my scalp was really bad and I lost a good amount of hair because of it. The prescriptions were really helpful, I still use then occasionally for management.

I use the BLUE head and shoulders twice a week. It totally controls it. Nothing else works for me, so when I see itin the store I stock up!

So does that mean that the mtx and enbrel is not working for me to have more ps and still in pain or is that normal?

i have scalp psoriasis and T-GEL works well for me! it makes the flaking and itching much better. Neutrogena has it but there is also a cheaper version at TARGET that works just as well.

Also mention it to your dr., i use a prescribed clobetasol solution that gets rid of almost all of it as well.

I have Psor on scalp. I have been using ojon with swa, not cheap but pretty good. I also use argan oil on my scalp. I have lost hair because of Mtrx, but I still have hair. I have Triam... cream, do not put that on my scalp, not sure if I should.

I had an episode over a year ago that I started itching all over as if bugs were crawling all over me. In the course of searching for a cure I stopped taking all of my meds per allergist, rheum, primary care phys. This was before my rheumy started treating me for psoriatic arthritic even though I have had it on my hand constantly for 8 years. I thought I was going crazy until the allergist told me I wasn't she said that "the itch" will make people think they are going crazy. After awhile it subsided and I was slowly put back on meds one by one. I find that I still have itching sensation not nearly as bad. The scalp psor rash has developed over the past year. I have been prescribed several different creams for this. Have tried scalpecin, etc., appreciate all advice and suggestions.

No one had the answer as to what it was, do you know?


There are OTC remedies for itchy dry scalp, but if it is psoriasis, it really is best to see what the dermatologist can prescribe. I have had the very best results with the prescription topicals and better still with biologics.

Ok, this is going to sound strange, but it really worked when I was in the throes of PsA of the scalp. Getting my hair colored stopped the scalp buildup and hence, the ITCH. Now I use a topical that my Dr prescribes, and it works like magic. Clobestol, (sp?).

Same with me…every time I would get my hair colored, the psoriasis got a lot better.

Toriop said:

Ok, this is going to sound strange, but it really worked when I was in the throes of PsA of the scalp. Getting my hair colored stopped the scalp buildup and hence, the ITCH. Now I use a topical that my Dr prescribes, and it works like magic. Clobestol, (sp?).

Hey there…I would like to add that I have been using the BLUE Head and Shoulders for years!! When I buy, I buy about 5 bottles at a time and it lasts forever. I use it once a week and ALL psoriasis on my scalp is gone!! I have tried many products, but always come back it this. It works!!!

Coal tar shampoo always worked the best for my scalp psoriasis - you don't need a prescription and you can buy the drugstore brand. I believe you should only use 2-3 times a week. There's also a prescription scalp med you can get from your derm, that I found very effective.

My son has VERY itchy scalp and the only thing (after trying all the other things listed here, and prescription strength stuff) was to use Johnson's Baby Shampoo. It reduced his itch by about 90%. He still has a ton of flakes, but the itching it what drove him crazy.

ISO tamer cleanse is what my daughter uses.

I have always had scalp problems - since I was a teenager. I could tell the difference because of the different feel of my scalp. In fact, it was the problems with my scalp that finally got my PSA diagnosis. I can feel the difference if I touch my scalp. The raised areas that we have on our bodies, the itchy feeling, the flaky skin, the (I don't really know how to explain it but) hard skin, raised, flaky areas, it's the same and will also be there on your scalp. I will have to say that it wasn't until last year that I was finally diagnosed with psorasis, they always treated me for excema because my psorasis is not severe. The MTX cured mine! Or at least to this point. I started it in August and in October my scalp problems were gone, now it didn't cure the rest of my problems but I have had no scalp problems since then. And except for a few occassional outbreaks I don't have PA anymore. Having a problem on my hands and a little on my face now, but I always do in the spring. Having said all of this, I did find that using a shampoo with coal and a really good conditioner worked well for me for many years. The shampoo controlled the flakes and the conditioner took care of the dryness the coal shampoo will give you. Good luck!

Clobetisol 0.05 solution - not the ointment or lotion. It's a watery solution than can knock a very bad flare-up almost completely out of the park.

I have used coal tar, tgel but the most effective so far has been the melaluca gold bar and also clobetasol solution. (perscription) I have PS on my scalp so bad that it is a nightly ritual to clean my scalp of the excess build up. It is gross, I am a woman with long hair and I have to clean it like a monkey.. God the hassles of PSA.. Good luck my friend... Seriously though if the shampoos dont work for you ask for the clobetasol solution... It really has helped mine.

You will think this is crazy but I used to use Pert dandruff shampoo and it worked pretty well for me. The MTX cleared it up completely though. My Rheumy recently switched me to Arava because I was at the highest dose of MTX and he didn't want to keep me there. I hope the scalp Psoriasis doesn't come back because of it. Anyone else have experience with Arava?