Any ideas for psoriasis relief

I have psoriasis on the back of my head mostly at the hairline. It itches horribly and will actually reach the point of getting bloody.

I have a shampoo that helps a bit but not enough. Because of the location I can't figure out how to get any cream (lotion or anti-itch) on it.

I can't be the only 1 with this issue so I am hoping the experience here can help.


I think I may be able to help you. Check with your doctor. It is a foam called Olux. I hope you have insurance. It is expensive.. It doesn't take much. I only need to use it twice a year once I get it under control. I tried the generic. It didn't work... Good luck to u


Similar to what Karen mentioned, I have a prescription for psoriasis in the hairline. Mine’s for clobetasol liquid (easier than the cream) and is sold as Cormax. It usually clears up in a few days after treatment.

You will need to talk to your derm or rheumy for a script but also because having active psoriasis is often a sign that not all is well in PSA-land. Check in with your doc!

Your derm has an armory of options, including Cormax. When my skin is intact ( and not cracked, or bleeding from sleep scratching)

I find temporary relief in my scalp from 50/50 mixture of glycerin liquid and non alc. Witch hazel. Its easier to apply through the hair while still wet following shower. Its no cure, just soothing. Ask your derm if this is option for you and ok for periodic use

Wishing you relief

I have used Taclonex, and it is pretty amazing. Its a combo med with Dovonex and betamethasone. Works like a charm every time.

If you are looking for "home remedies" for relief, you could look at doing a coal tar shampoo, or one with salacitic acid in it like Neutrogena T-Sal.

Ooooh I forgot that Target makes a store (Up and Up) brand version of T-gel that is about 1/3 the price. No kidding. $5 a bottle. Works like a charm for your scalp. Not a great hair shampoo, but that's not why we use it!

I use dovobet gel it makes your hair disgustingly greasy but I put it on at night then wash my hair in the morning. Its the only thing that helps me when its really bad on the scalp and inverse P.

Thank you all for the ideas. I will call my Rhumy today. I don't see a derm

Thank you all. Based on the responses I called my doctor and he prescribed Clobetasol Propionate, Not really sure how to get it in my hair but hopefully it will stop the bleeding

That's what I use. if it's the liquid then the bottle has a dandy little nozzle on the end that you can put through your hair and on your scalp and through which just a couple of drops at a time come out. If there are any open spots IT WILL STING. So, be ready to hold your breath!!

Thanks for the warning because there are many

Reminder. Ask if olux is avail. If this doesn't work..

Saved that link. I find it better if I try his choice first before asking for something specific