I have scalp psoriasis and have a hard time treating it or dealing with it. It constantly itches, flakes, burns. I have tried so many things and nothing seems to help heal it or at least clear it up. There has been times where my scalp bleeds because yes I itch it because I can't help it.

Anyone else experience this?

Ask your Dr about olux.. It is a prescription.. It did wonders for me


My scalp psoriasis was horrible. I would use Dovonex and betamethasone and then they came out with Taclonex which is a combo of both. It helped the most out of all of the topical meds. It’s a one to be careful with though. Overuse of topical steroids can cause skin atrophy. The best medication was Humira. The plaques started to come off in a few weeks. After a month, I just had redness on my scalp. No inching or plaques left. After a year, I have one tiny pencil eraser sized spot on my elbow that is persistent and won’t go away, but that’s it. I didn’t realize how much psoriasis bothered me until it was gone. It is so nice to wear dark colored shirts without worrying about flakes. I was also able to get a cute, short haircut that is more manageable now that I have PsA. And, when my hair was long, I was finally able to wear it up without worrying about my plaques showing.
The home remedies, are ones I’m sure that you have tried already: coal tar, salicytic acid, sun, tea tree shampoos, or straight tea tree oils. The only thing that really worked for me were the prescription meds though.
I’m so sorry to not be more help than that. :frowning:

My scalp psoriasis was horrible, too. Tried every prescription and OTC remedy available and nothing helped anywhere near as much as MG217 psoriasis medicated shampoo. I've had psoriasis for 38 years and for the past few years I've been using MG217 shampoo 3x week and have no itching or flaking. It takes a few weeks to start working. Good luck--I know how annoyed you must be--it can itch so bad you just want to dig holes in your head!

Oh, and I just started my first biologic (for PS and PsA) so I'm going to cut back on the MG217--it does have its drawbacks-it stinks and it's expensive!

I use clobetasol foam. My Derm prescribes it. It is easy to apply and doesn't make my hair oily as some scalp medications can.

Mine is not that bad just amnnoying. Not sure if this helps but in the last few weeks I have been using Dead Sea mud stuff. I wet my hair massage in the scalp conditioner and then put on one of those hotel bath hats and the wrap a towel around my head and then relax for half an hour or so before washing off with shampoo and a light application of the same conditioner and rinse and dry. Not got rid of it completly but lot better. Trouble is you never know if it’s that or just the ps having a quiet time.

The only real success I have had with scalp psoriasis is Stelara. T Gell shampoo thins it out a bit, but doesn’t get rid of it. DMARDs don’t seem to do anything for it. My experience.

I had it severely for years, successful treatment 30 years ago was a liquid shampoos concoction, precipitation of course, called LCD, liquid carbonic detergens, had an older and good pharmacist research it and mix up a couple bottles for me, scalp lesions were gone in 3 weeks, but nowadays, they will tell you there is no such thing and that’s the end of it. I normally use hi concentrate tar based nuetrogena T-Gel, along with Lidex cream also script, T- gel is available over counter and works alright for lack of being able to acquire the LCD script I used years ago…

I had same problem and switched to paraben, sls and dhea free shampoo and it cleared up. I used a brand called Natures Gate.

A LONG time ago someone (online) with psoriasis told me to blow dry my hair as soon as I get out of the shower. At the time I thought they were nuts but I have really thick hair and it takes forever to dry (which had something to do with the reasoning behind the advice) Anyhow I tried it and it helps with the itching tremendously. Simple, but for me very effective.

I use Diprosalic (which is Betamethasone and Sacrycilic Acid) and keep my hair very short. I know this is no good to the ladies...

I had a nasty flare of scalp psoriasis just before the arthritis started, and the topical steroids helped tremendously and then, when I had to stop using them (to fend off the atrophy Grumpy Cat referred to), it would flare back up with a vengeance. Methotrexate got rid of all of my skin psoriasis within a few weeks, and it's starting to come back now because I've had to come off of the MTX for a bit...

Scalpin is a topical corticosteroid that's available OTC, it's pretty cheap and it helps a bit without as much risk of a rebound effect, because it's milder. I hope you get some relief soon!

This is not about scalp psoriasis but psoriasis in general. I have these two areas that embrel is not able to control but my joint and movement is excellent. What are people using for there trouble spots. Do not want to go off medicine for joints are doing fine.

I have pretty much controlled all psoriasis spots with the prescription Protopic. You only need the slightest hint of it on the spot and in 3 days its gone! Fastest working topical I have ever used. I had psoriasis the worst on my eyelids and ear canals. the Protopic did make my face feel a bit flushed. Its expensive stuff but mine my tube of it has lasted 5 years cuz it takes so little!

In my personal experience a bath in dead sea salts that are rich in magnesium and sulfur, combined with a tar shampoo does help

That’s so interesting that you mentioned magnesium. I just started using a magnesium oil, for transdermal application. I don’t have any significant psoriasis, but I realized that one of the treatments for both restless leg syndrome and for migraines is magnesium. It definitely seems to be helping with my sleep so that is a definite move in the right direction.

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OMG Amos, ear canals! Torture! My sister has that, thank goodness I don’t: I think I’d go berserk.

And thank goodness the Protopic works for you.

It all just showed up within a 2 week period with ears and even worse my eyelids. They just kept peeling and getting raw. Dermatologist called it “Inverse Psoriasis”. No idea what brought it on as I never had any skin issues previously.

PsA sadly brought it on.


I apologize what I meant was a bath rich in Magnesium Sulfate (epsom salt) and sulfur combined are soothing to the skin, and that tar soaps / shampoo does the same.