Psoriasis on scalp

Hi, has anyone got any solutions to stop your scalp flaking away?

I get flare ups and its getting tiring

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If you go to the docs, they can prescribe some shampoo for you which is very effective.

I have tried a few shampoos but the one that seems to work best generally for me is coal tar shampoo.

I recommend MG217 Shampoo. I had scalp psoriasis out of control for about 30 years before I discovered it. No prescription worked—betamethosone would stop the itch, but the psoriasis never went away. After I started using MG217 Shampoo, my psoriasis disapeared. I used it twice a week for several years, until I started taking Enbrel.
You can order it online. Good luck with whatever you use—scalp psoriasis is ANNOYING!