Scalp psoriasis and shampoo

I have P on my scalp which also shows up in my ears. The scalp I can handle but the P in my ears makes me crazy.

Recently I purchased a new shampoo that my hairdresser uses. I always thought it felt and smelt nice :)

So I purchased it only to find out it has actually improved my scalp psoriasis. This shampoo had tea tree oil in it. Apparently studies show it does not help with skin issues but the last couple weeks have shown me otherwise. It also contains other natural oils so maybe it's the combination that helps.

Previously I had been using Neutrogena T-gel which in the beginning was the only thing that helped me but I would guess the coal tar isn't exactly healthy so the tea tree oil I hope is a better alternative.

Just thought I'd share in case this can help anyone else with these problems.

Hi Dini,

On my scalp the dermatologist prescribed Olux... and my ears, was triamacinalone ( not sure of the spelling... but I do know that it is a gel... it has worked wonders... the scalp - they made me try generic - but could not use anything but Olux... only had to apply once every few months... and for my ears - just a little more often... but since on Enbrel now.. haven't had to use it in over a year...

Good luck to you in finding the right combination...

Keep communicating with your doctor...



Thanks Karen, That's good to know, I'll have to read up on it. I've been wondering if I should bother with more doctors appointments and see the dermatologist again. If I can find something to resolve it myself I would much prefer that.

U r welcome

Hey Dini! I have the same issue with P on my ears. I spray apple cider vinegar diluted 1:2 with water and Extra virgin olive oil on top. Smells like a salad but does the trick if used daily :slight_smile:

I went to the emergency room once because I could hardly hear. The doctor pulled out so much dead skin. The trick I learned was to mix some clobetasol ointment with a bit of water and poor in each ear for five minutes. Makes your ears ring, but it worked wonders.

Thanks for the tips ! that's awesome :)

One thing that has helped me is to skip shampoo completely for a few days. Instead wash your hair with a handful of baking soda. Sounds weird and feels weirder, but it really seems to help reset the PH level of the irritated scalp. And actually my hair looks nice too!

When I was swimming a lot I also used a rinse of Apple Cider Vinegar and water after swimming. It really helped my scalp and removed the chlorine before it fried my hair.

Wow, I'll have to try that.

Let me know how it works for you.

I found a shampoo at Sally’s called medi Dan and I love it. It soothes my psoriasis on my scalp. I have been using it for three months and if I use my daughters shampoo my scalp will be all itchy. It doesn’t smell good at all but it should help you out without having to go get a script for something to try.

My ears are still giving me trouble even being on Enbrel. The tea tree shampoo does help a bit though. It has a cooling effect.

Still have to try these other suggestions though.

Tea Tree is nice, I have used that in the past. Neutrogena Coal Tar really stripped my hair. What works for my scalp P (I get it behind my ears really bad too) it this oil I am getting from Chiropractor, it's got Argan Oil and Rosewater in it, I really like it and it smells fantastic to boot. About once a month I will do a rinse with apple cider vinegar too.

Wow! I'm going to try these. Thanks :)

After about 23 years of not having any psoriasis worth mentioning, just really tiny patches, I've suddenly broken out in all sorts. One 'thing' which may, I hope, also be psoriasis will not stop bleeding and so I've been fast-tracked to dermatology just in case it's skin cancer.

I have psoriasis in my ears too. It makes me feel like Dumbo with sunburn. GP prescribed 'Zerocream Emollient' which definitely helps as long as I slather it in the ears in dollops. Of course it could be called something else where you are.

hi… for the longest time i used neutrogena t gel for ‘‘dried scalp’’ before they new it was the P. I started using ketakonzol for a little bit but i found it was really helping with flare ups in the scalp. I know use clobetsal and find that this works wonders. I also like cocnut oil and i hear that tea tree oil is really good. Best of Luck!

Yes, I have also used tea tree oil shampoo it helps somewhat, however, I found that T-Sal by Neutrogena worked better for me. As for the ears, I would use a q-tip with a topical prescription.


My scalp P has exploded! I am OC so I pick at it all the time :( I have used Coconut Oil for the P in my ear out of was so swollen and irritated and it worked really should I use it on my scalp? massage it in and leave it for??? then shampoo?

Thanks for your help!

When I use straight oil on my scalp, I massage it in very well. I have a bottle with a small tip on it that I use to get better contact with my scalp instead of just pouring it on. Then I wash 2 to 3 times with a good shampoo. It takes a bit of work to get the oils out so I only do it when my scalp is really irritated.

I use the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree conditioner and a Tea Tree shampoo from a company called Melaleuca. I shampoo twice and then leave the Cconditioner in for my whole shower or bath. I find it works very well for my scalp dryness and irritation from P.I have used the Neutrogena shampoos, but I’m really girly and like things that smell pretty.

For my poor ears I use a combination of betamethasone ointment and protopic. It’s the only thing that works, but it works really well.

sunshine said:


My scalp P has exploded! I am OC so I pick at it all the time :frowning: I have used Coconut Oil for the P in my ear out of desperation…it was so swollen and irritated and it worked really well…how should I use it on my scalp? massage it in and leave it for??? then shampoo?

Thanks for your help!

I've lost about a third of my hair due to scalp psoriasis (it was thought to be a form of alopecia but the money's on psoriasis now). My remaining hair is dense and covers the baldness with a bit of help so far, but I'm close to being very visibly follicularly challenged. And now, I think, the hair loss seems to have stopped. My hair used to be everywhere, even on the dog. The hoover was full of it, so was the car. Then of course there's dandruff plus. But no longer .... I hope I'm not tempting fate! There's re-growth too.

I've got a good psoriasis regimen these days which helps with the itch and calms the inflammation on other parts of my body. But if anything other than chance has helped my scalp it has to be careful, gentle, but regular combing to remove the scales. I've also been dabbing apple cider vinegar on the scaly patches because it feels soothing and what I've tried to avoid is going from scaliness to raw & sore.... both the scales and the inflammation seem to be bad news for the old follicles.