Vandy tomorrow and no more humair

It’s been a sec sorry working 7/12’s but I have hit a bump as if the work isn’t killing me my insurance has a perctiption cap of 10,000 which I hit 2 months ago. So now I have a 30% copay but it’s still over a grand a month. I applied for help and I make to much money. Worried and almost worn in to the ground from not having my shots for almost a month now heading to the dr tomorrow. With out perctiption coverage I don’t know what more they can do. Anyone else had this set back?? Anyone know of any place I can apply for assantance?? Anyways hope everyone is doing well thanx y’all.

Don't give up yet, Alleycat! Try them, see what they say. Also find out from the nurse what can be done for you. They know their way around these things too! Let me look around to see what else I can find.

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I also pulled up a discussion posted by Renie a list of financial assistance, and a discussion about the cost of Humira. Hope that helps, don't forget to talk to your Doc and his nurse!

Good luck!

They are the ones who said I make to much money to get help.

I don't know, I have never dealt with them. I am fortunate enough to have insurance through the VA, through my husband.

Who did you call?

Crazy, these people must think we have bags of money laying around!!!

Oh, the Doctor's office?

Allycat said:

They are the ones who said I make to much money to get help.

The assistance programs.

Through Humira or the govt?


Look through the two discussions I just hunted down, one is entitled,

'list if financial programs', the other is 'the cost of humira' there are all kinds of things in there from lamb.

Hope that helps, I will try again to get nyn's attention, she is on Humira.

Awesome ty

Hi Allycat

I am currently on Humira but am now in transition to Simponi. I have been receiving my Humira from Abbott Patient Assistance . It is no cost for me, but then again I am on SSDI and our positions are a little different financially speaking. I have the number so you can call and at least have them send you an application. Or you should be able to find out when you call I can't remember exactly Go Brain Fog. IF you call 1-800-■■■■■■■■ they can get you started or answer any questions. Listen to the prompts carefully as they do service many drug names. If I can be of any more help just let me know. Stay Well.......Rich

I tried with them no luck.

I just posted on BuickBoy's post.. I don't know if this will help you.. But I have private INS and I didn't qualify for Humira or Embrel's discount programs.. I did qualify for an in office infusion bimonthly of "Remicade" and they also have a rebate program (no matter how much money you make) The reason why this worked for me, is HOW the dr's office bills the ins company.. check it out and ask! You never know.. hope it works for you!!

You may not even have to switch meds. Your docs office would just have to code it properly and do the injections there as an office procedure. After the insurance company pays full boat under the major medical for a bit they may decide to compromise and supply you through their own formulary.

Just got done looks like I’m gonna be moving to remicade pending insurance approval. So there we go.

I don't know how well you did on Humira, but Remicade has changed my life!!!! It has been a literal life saver for me! It did take a few infusions before it made a HUGE difference, but now, it's amazing! Apparently the infusions compound over the infusions.. making them more effective over time :) Good luck!!! If you have any remicade questions, I'm here ;) Don't forget to sign up for the remistart program once your ins has approved!!!

Well one thing is with Remicade YOU WILL take a day off (half a day anyway) Although here the infusion ceneter as won't do it rather, they do it in the hospital because of possible allergic reactions. Its possible after work could happen. IF your docs office gets a hold of the right underwriter. they could still keep you on the Humira with insurance coverage as its CHEAPER for them. Is therre a patient advocate in your medical center? They do this all the time.

I work nights so it’s no big deal I won’t miss any work and the lady at the office said she can’t get me any help on the humair. So meh what ever makes me feel better fastest.

The group is continuing to post help for you on the discussion 'The cost of Humira'