Cost of Humira?

I'm kind of a PsA "virgin" if you will. My second appointment is Monday, June 18th. I'm supposed to get my first FREE shot of Humira. The nurse told me that they will check my insurance and find out what the ins. company will pay. At approx. $2000 per month, there is no way my family can afford that kind of medication. Question #1, is that truly the cost? Question #2, is there any financial assistance (I realize that all states are different. Question #3, does the medication really that good?

Thanks, Kip

$2899.00 is what I just found, not sure of the date, how current it is. There are some RA infusions that are between $10k-$12k bi-monthly! I know, BuickBoy, about knocks the breath out of you, doesn't it?

There is humira support, you may be eligable for them to pay some of that.

I have not taken it, but others who do will respond...

Take a breath now!


Welcome to the group! You may want to try for information. The Rheumy office (may have/should have?) given you a packet with this info in it.

Also, there is a group of us in Northern Illinois on this site. Maybe you would like to join us?

In Canada I would pay 1593.00 now. I pay up to 3000.00 and pharmacare kicks in and covers the cost. There is a blog post with all the financial aid places in the U.S. Call Abbott and ask about their financial assistance program. Somewhere on here there is a lot of info. I think TnTlamb knows about this. good luck with your first shot. Humira and MTX keep me upright and hobbling along :) My first shot gave me relief in 4 days after 3 shots I felt like a new person.

Yes the medication is really that good. I had to go off because I was quite ill in Feb. I missed 2 shots 5 weeks in all. Day 4 my hands started hurting by the end of 5 weeks I could hardly hold a cup, pull up my zipper, I hurt. 3 shots later I am right as rain again. ( well as right as I can be) so good luck to you

Did my second shot on Thursday. The Tuesday before my first shot I had trouble opening a bottle of water or a ziploc bag. Yesterday I played catch with my son in the side yard. Last Saturday I was literally turning cartwheels in my best friend’s yard. Today we are going to the shooting range :):slight_smile: Yes, Humira is that good.

Bumble this is the greatest of news, and you are joining in with Elizabeth and I as far as the 'feel good moment'!!

Thank God for the scientists!

BuickBoy, have you survived the price shock? You alright?

Thanks ya'll, all that I can say is that there is no way on this green earth that I'll put my family through that kind of finacial burden. The Reumy will have to try something else! Does anyone take a prescription that is more reasonably priced and works well?

You should talk to Humira support and your insurance company before you say no to this, I understand the financial burden it could bring, but I also understand how fast this disease can progress, and the irreversible damage that can be done. If you do not know much about this disease, I urge you to do some research. Please don't say no yet. If the Doc thinks this is what you need, please think about it, this is not prescribed to someone who just has a touch of PsA. Check out options, check the list of places that could possibly help you. There is a list at the very top of the discussion page, just open the discussion. Please don't give up this easily or this early in the game.

I totally agree....check every avenue, all assistance programs, EVERYTHING before you say no to a biologic!....I am up here in Canada still suffering after 3 months on Sulfasalazine (did nothing) and now 7 weeks on Methotrexate (so far nothing), I have private insurance that will pay the FULL cost of Enbrel or Humira and my Rheumatologist will not give it to me until I try 3 months minumum of Methotrexate, which means I have to suffer at least until the end of July....If I have the chance to get on a biologic and my doctor thought I needed it....I would be on it anyway I possibly could....if there is anyway out there you can get it...don't give up until you've exhausted every assistance program out there!!!! Please, my deforming hands are witness to what this can do!!!!!! Good luck to you!!!

TkR is absolutley right. have the Docs office do the paperwork. There are several programs available for each. Humira usually does a 10.00 copay.

No there are no cheap alternatives to the biologics.

The programs are out there, If none work..... Then go to Walgreens and ask for their assistance program. its one of their deepest secrets. It was put together as part of their Obama Care programs. In 2014 they will be one of the Coops that the GOP said would never happen.

Now for the Zinger Buick, I don't know your finances BUT call the Social secutiy office and find out what your disability payment will be..... That may be an even larger financial burden.......

O.K. I'm probably going to appear ignorant but when you say that there is a "co-pay" of $10.00 is that all I have to pay? Is there additional cost after the co-pay and what my insurance pays?

Also tntlamb, are you suggesting that I may have to go on disability beacuse of this disease?

Depending on your insurance there is a copay sometimes its per fill and sometimes its after your deductible is met up to your annual stop loss. Humira if under insured or not insured has a program that they will supply you for 10.00 and take what ever the insurance company pays after that as full pay. They have other programs as well. Enbrel has several programs as well. From a copay program to the Encourage foundation that supplies it on sliding (income based) program for the uninsured.

I'm not suggesting that you may have to go on disability because of this disease. I'm guranteeing you that if you leave it untreated and it is at the level your doc has prescribed biologics, you WILL be disabled.

All of you have been giving great advice. I don't think that I've come to understand what this disease is and can do. What I do know for sure is that my life and my family's life has been altered by the affects of this disease. It also hurts like h--l.

Thank you all for the input! Very glad that I found this site.

Seriously I can help navigate the insurance stuff (so can your doc)

WE can all help you understand this disease. there are worse

Now if you want sticker shock - I get my expensive stuff mail order (its pretty cool i have enough of thoses blue ice bags to refrigerate an elephant) but my script expired, so I had the docs office call in the renewai. My wife ran to wally world to get my dicloflonec (NSAID) Its 40.00 cheaper there. My wife goes to the check out (the bill was 10 bucks for a 90 day supply) The girl ask if there is any insurance, my wife says no. the grils eyes got big and she rang it up $4,657.00. Nurse called the wrong pharmacy....

My insurance covers Humira but leaves me with a $100/month co-pay. That might not sound like a lot to some, but it’s more than my family can afford with me working less (25-30 hrs a week instead of 70) When the pharmacy called me to say I had been approved for coverage I was elated, then they told me about the co-pay and I said we might as well stop right there as that wasn’t going to work. The gal from the pharmacy (I wish I had gotten her name so I could send her a thank-you note) said Humira has a copay assistance program that covers as much as $500 a month of my copay. My cost is $5 for two injections (28 days worth) I was speechless when I found that out. For me, that’s saying something :wink: Like some have said, don’t write it off without at least looking in to it. I know where you’re coming from-you look like a fairly young guy and it sounds like you’ve got a young family. Any dad worth the name would want to avoid placing a financial burden on their family. They come first, no matter what the cost to yourself. The catch is that the cost to you might wind up costing them. The first time my son (6 years old) asked me to pick him up for a hug and I couldn’t, I went upstairs to my room and wept. I’m 30 years old and a month ago my hands and wrists were almost useless. There were days I had to have my wife zip up my pants and button my shirts. Sorry this response is so long. I saw what you had posted and saw myself 3 months ago-it really hit home for me. Look really hard into your options and don’t be afraid to lean a little on those who are there for you. Trying do handle it all by yourself will tear you apart-trust me, I’ve been down that road. In the end, it only makes things worse. Good luck :slight_smile: and happy father’s day a day late.

Neat post Bumble. Yeah it helps to hang out here. Its one of the few place where EVERYone does understand (and care even if we sound hard ass at times) You would think with Phil Mickelson on TV every two hours talking about PsA and pitching Enbrel. more would get it. He had to withdraw from a tournament a few weeks back. (even HE has flares) The sports guys were going nuts thinking he had a mental breakdown..... Heard them again during the open Friday night during the open. He was six strokes back, and one of the commentators commented it looks like he was coming back from his "mental exhaustion" but slowly...... I was so PO'd I could have ripped the TV of the wall fortunatly my wife pointed out we were in a sports bar and the bouncer was huge.....

Some never get it and sometimes its your family.

Thanks Lamb. That’s one thing I’ve definitely got going for me, my family is super supportive :). My wife is an angel, not sure how I got so lucky to wind up with her. My son looks just like me but has his mom’s temperment.

They should give you a huge box full of information. In that box is a number to call and register. I only pay 5.00 every three months for my Humira. Make sure that you ask for it. I am also a newbie, did my first shot 2 Saturday's ago. Hasn't done anything yet,b ut I was told that it could take 2 weeks to 3 months to start working.

Had my 1st shot training,visit today. I asked quite a few times about the cost & financial assistance. Was all but guaranteed that the co-pay should be between $5 - $25. Once again thank you all for the info.