Humira & other RX Rebates

Hi Guys! Wanted to share with you that Abbvie, the company that makes humira, can pay for a large part of it & other RX's. I cant believe I didnt know this sooner!! If you use humira, all you have to do is sign-up for their "protection plan", they send you a card in the mail, & theyll cover your copay or cost so that all you have to pay is around $5. Don't want to sound like an ad & I hope most of you know already but I want anyone that doesnt know to learn about this. I was unsure when I heard about it because I thought it would be a hassle or that it was only for people without insurance or that were low-income. But I decided to call and try it out & it's for everyone as long as you dont have govt insurance like medicare. For me, they also cover Methotrexate. The only hiccup was that I have Kaiser & was told at the pharm they didnt accept it. So I called & turns out if your pharm doesnt accept it, you can submit a claim online & theyll refund it. I just want to share how it helped me. They covered my entire copay for Methotrexate ($30) and $25 of my Humira so that I only paid $5. In total I got $55 back. Having PsA can really add up with all the costs even for those of us with insurance so $55 every refill is a huge help for me. Let me know if you have any ?s and I can tell you about MY experience. You can also research it at the Humira website.