Continuing Antibiotic Protocol. Both my ESR and CRP are now below the reference range. I have been very active with Weights & Cardio and my joints are not flaring. I am feeling 90% normal now. I still have a sore foot and get some minor soreness in my knee and hips, from the previous arthritic damage, but it is not getting worse with exercise.

I had my first massage in about 4 months yesterday and from someone who has treated me for the past 10 years and he said it was the best condition with the least amount of tightness he has seen with me.

I am feeling good, still having to take naproxen every second day, but overall really happy with the improvement.

I have had blood testing come up a low positive for Celiac Disease. I have booked in to get the biopsy done to confirm. There seems to be a massive link between PsA and Celiac. The theory being that the intestines get inflamed and leaky gut commences, triggering many different kinds of auto immune diseases.

Anyway really happy with the treatment and definitely not interested in Methotrexate or Sulfasalzine as recommended by the Rheumy's.

I watched a great documentary the other night called Cut, Poison, Burn. Its truly heartbreaking. I couldnt help but see the parallels of this story with the arthritis industry. I truly believe that Antibiotic Protocol is the safest and most effective treatment for any inflammatory arthritis and that it is denounced purely because of the Big Pharma. Put it simply, there is no real money to be made from Antibiotic treatment for arthritis.

Anyway I urge any of you to try antibiotic, what do you have to lose? It has given me my life back.

Ask yourself, how many people have gone into remission with the drugs from Rheumy's? Read the Road Back Foundation website with real people to hear the results of the alternative.

Hi Dave,

I found your blog very interesting, it is always great news to hear of someone doing so well. Up until now, I am basically unfamiliar with this theory of treatment, but have taken time to go over some of it and already know that this will be my new research project.

The mycroplasma may just be what is continuously passed from one generation to the next, as even my great grandson had psoriasis from birth, and I the pitted fingernails.

There is much to go through on The Road Back Foundation website, it should be sufficient to answer my questions, if not, I will post here for you again.

Thank you for sharing, wishing you continued success!


Hi SK,

A helpful tip with the RBF wesbite, use the search function as there is an overwhelming amount of info available. Also reading the book in my opinion is the best tool to start with. I am happy to answer any questions you have...to the best of my knowledge.

Hi Dave,

Had to take my Mom to the Doctor today, I take her to my Internist, so he asked how I was and I asked him about his opinion of the Road Back Foundation theory of controling the mycoplasma with antibiotics for life, he said it is just as dangerous as the biologicals, with the antibotics you have to be concerned with cell damage and destruction, with the biologics it's the infections that you have to worry about. Kind of a pick your poison kind of deal in his eyes.

I have taken 4 Embrel shots, will give it a go, if these meds don't like me, then I guess I'll be coming your way. Hey, whatever it takes, whatever works! I surely do wish you the best, still may have some questions, and look forward to hearing of your continued progress!

Be well, be happy,


Hi SK,

If I had my choice I would be on none! I was on zero medication until the PsA hit.

If I were to choose a biologic/dmard I would choose Enbrel, but it is not an option for me in Australia. I would have to pay full price, to qualify for the subsidised price you have to be basically totally crippled and tried MTX and other DMARD treatemnts.

For me my first line of treatment after NSAIDS was the antibiotics and they are working for me.

Who knows the antibiotics may stop working in the future, although I havent heard of this happening when used for arthritis treatment. I have heard about Enbrel losing effectiveness longer term too.

Either way I hope you get the relief you deserve!

Hi Dave,

I have also heard that after a year or two, people say it no longer works for them, who knows the road I may take then! I know, before this, just allergy meds when the pollen is thick, nothing else!

Still hoping for the 'magic bullet'! Ha Ha!

Stay well,


Hey Dave,

It's been a while since I have been on. I am really glad to hear that you are getting relief with the AP treatment. I haven't started mine yet but I am going to go to my doctor this week and I am going TELL!!! him to put me on it hahaha. I was wondering what your treatment consist of, you might have todl me before? Anyways good luck and keep getting better!

Hi Dave there are several gals on the Fibromyalgia site interested in talking to you about your treatment, I am not sure how that can be done, guess we may have to ask JC or Scott. Your success is such good news to many of us!

Stay well,


Hi SK,

Although I am willing to chat to anyone about my experiences and help others, I feel I am not qualified to give any advice on Fibromyalgia, but you can google use of antibiotic treatment for it. There could be some information on the RBF website if you do a search. I am aware of it being used as a treatment. My muscular pain has improved, but I do not have fibromyalgia.

Also I must add, I am not a pro-antibiotic person generally. I have always avoided them and feel they are over used when prescribed for colds and flu etc. The tetracycline class is not as destructive on the gut flora as the ones traditionally used to treat other infections and I take probiotics to try and counter the negative effects on the stomach bacteria. I originally had minocycline in my late teens for acne treatment and did not get any side effects so it made me more willing to try it again for arthritis treatment.



Hi TC, I am taking 100mg Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Edit I previously posted 50mg, I take that twice on the days of dosage)

Good luck in getting the treatment, again if you have issues see the RBF website for a referral for a doctor in your area. I personally would prefer to see someone who is experienced in the treatment rather than "self treat" as you can potentially have issues with severe herxing or drug induced lupus as a worst case scenario if the dosage is too high.

Hi Dave,

I learned a new word there, 'herxing'- a healing crisis, getting worse before you get better! Wishing you continued success1