Hello to you all

I have been fighting my battle for over 15 years now. Until about a year ago I had never heard of PsA. My physician has been treating me for osteoarthritis for many years. After learning about PsA and having a healthy discussion with my Dr. he referred me to a rheumatologist. I have all the classic symptoms, sore stiff joints, nail ridging and pitting, tight/sore achilles tendons, red swollen painful toes and feet, itchy scalp, but thankfully very little in the way of skin rashes. After some blood work my rheumy started me on methotrexate and folic acid. After three months I am starting to see a change for the better. The pain in some joints has been reduced, while other joints are the same. It seems like the joints that first started bothering me many years ago ( knees, hands and wrists) are responding the least, while more recently acquired pain in my hips and achilles tendons is almost gone. I guess time will tell. My deepest sympathy goes out to you all, especially those in their 20's and 30's who have such a long battle ahead of them.

Welcome, Miner! Pleased to meet you, although it's too bad that you're part of The Club. People here are great, and between us, we have a lot of experience information!

Take care and keep in touch!

Welcome! Happy to hear you're getting some relief - I hope it continues and your other joints improve as well.

My doctors and I think I've had PsA for most of my life. I just turned 37, and in the past year went from living a painful yet active life, to using 2 canes or a wheelchair. I have ankylosing spondylitis as well, and major damage to many joints in my body. I'm taking my fifth dose of Enbrel today, and if my liver ever decides to cooperate, my rheumy wants to put me on high dose mtx as well. It's definitely been a long journey to a diagnosis for me - I'm just relieved to have what seems to be the proper diagnosis and to finally be able to treat it!

Hi, and welcome to you, sad that we become member because of PsA, but great place to be heard and share support!

Great to have you with us ! I have had PsA for 26 years now .....WOW just looking at that .........it's a long time! But I am very greatful I have found this sight. Hope you find comfort here! Hugs!

Hello and welcome. I am pretty new here as well. I have also had PsA for most of my life although it took the doctors years to finally put a name with it. This is such a great place to come to when you need to talk with others that are dealing with this disease. It is such a relief to me to know that I am not alone and I have somewhere to really express how I am feeling. At times I just find it so hard to put on a happy face for everyone, because they just don’t know how bad it can be. I’ve been on a combination of Humira and methotrexate for a year and it has definitely made a difference. I still have some really rough times, but I was to the point that I could barely get around. I pray for all of us that our miracle will come.

Hello Alaska Miner,

I also live in Alaska, but in Fairbanks. My brother was recently diagnosed with PsA, and I have an app't with a rheumatologist, Dr. Wilson, next week. I carry the HLA-B27 gene, and have all the issues, so I'm pretty sure it's PsA. I know I've got a long road ahead, any advice sure would help!



Hello Miner and Lisa,

Welcome to our group, you will find much information, wisdom, empathy, and humor here! Miner, glad you are getting some relief, and Lisa, sounds like you are heading in the right direction for some.

Best advice I can give you for the Achilles is high heels, now if you are a guy, you may have a boot with a higher heel, it will take some pressure off, the more you keep your toes pointed the less stress, and pull on it. There is an exercise to help you gently stretch it too. Stand on the edge of a step and slowly raise yourself up on your toes then slowly release. Sports Creme helps the pain!

Good luck to you both, talk to us anytime! Be well and be happy!


PS okay, no laughing about the high heels!!!

Hello Alaska Miner and welcome! As others have said, this is a great place to come. Truly wonderful people here who make you feel better about life in general.

It's wonderful to hear that much of your pain is gone. Hooray for science! At least you've managed to beat back the newer aches and pains. It's interesting that the older pain stays - more damage, I guess.

I hear you about the people in their 20's and 30's who suffer from this disease. I was surprised at how common it is to see such young people here! Nasty, nasty disease! But at least they're of a generation where help is available for them. Not so long ago, if you got it in your 20's or 30's or whenever, you were just kind of out of luck.

At any rate, welcome and I hope things keep going well for you!

Thank you for the warm welcome. I've got lots of questions and am sure I'll find many answers here. It's all pretty scary at the beginning, maybe the whole time. I guess I'll know lots more when I get to the Dr next week when I get back to Alaska.

I didn't have any issues for the longest time; my feet had been pain-free for a few years, and I hadn't had any iritis, either. I had been on Lexapro for a year, and smart woman that I am, I misplaced the bottle, and decided that I'd just get off the stuff cold-turkey. I've got a feeling that's what caused the symptoms to start up. (My hands and feet are tingling, slightly burning, and some of my joints are swelling and hurting). Emotionally, I feel better now that I'm "feeling" again. I was prepared for maybe some depression or anxiety, but not this.

During my bouts with iritis, I was treated with corticoids, which eventually did the trick. My hope, prayer, is that I can treat this, weather this, and eventually the symptoms will subside. I'll deal with them as they arise, and get on with my life. I'm taking some ibuprofen, plus the fish oil, etc. (My brother's on Methotrextate). I'd love to hear if anyone has had any success with change of diet or homeopathy.

Thank you all for being there. I look forward to hearing from you,


Hi Miner,

Sorry to hear you are dealing with PsA. You've found a great site--good folks, good support, good info. Welcome to the board!