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Hello to all, and thanks for the warm welcome. I was diagnosed in 1998 (I think) with PsA. My fingers swelled up and I had had a bout with psoriasis some 4 years earlier. I was already taking huge amounts of NSAIDs for a badly broken leg in 1996, so the swelling went away, and I did not take the desease seriously enough, and pretty much ignored any other symptoms or blamed them on the motor vehicle accident. Back pain and a family history got me to a rheumatologist. I am positive HLB-A27 pos. and was diagnosed some 4 years ago with ankylosing spondylitis. Oh and I had my R ankle fused in 2010 due to damage from MVA.

Rheumatoligist tried me on Methotrexate first, LFT's went through the roof first blood test. I can't take it. He also had me try to take celebrex, but because I had taken so much of the stuff my stomach couldn't take it, caused me to throw up blood, so no more of that thank you! Began using Celebrex with pretty good results, however I developed sores on 2 old scars (1 on hip and 1 on anlkle) so I had to go off the enbrel this week. Just got back from the rheumatologist and they said no more enbrel for now and will try sulfasylazine (sp?) until sores heel.

I also finally asked a doctor about the fatigue and obvios bouts with depression. She said; well dugh!!! Chronic illnesses and depression go hand in hand. I only did that today, because I came to this board to read in the past few days. Just to be able to talk to someone who knows what it is like to fight the fight.

By the way, the first thing I found helpful was the spoon theory. Sent it to my wife and kids. Many thanks to all that support and use this site, I am greatful already.

Sorry, 2nd paragraph, began using enbrel, can't take celebrex

Hey Garm, nice to meet you! Welcome aboard ... we're all in the same boat!


Hello 67,

So glad that you joined us, we all belong together, as we are all in it together. You have been in this a long time now, and at some time or the other this has been ignored, or unseen, somehow undetected, with us all, as the PsA rages on!

Most of us have been on the same quest for the perfect med, or at least a more perfect one! My grandmother who was so crippled, and gnarled, and hunched, she took Celebrex until we thought she would bleed to death! Surprised it is still on the market! Not sure if she took it as directed, but it did a number on her!

The spoon theory is such a good description of how our life has become, but thank God that there are good days and people and pets to love!

There are great folks here, and yes there are other guys, not all women!

We hope to hear from you often, we are all here for you! Thanks for sharing your story!

Be well, be happy,


Welcome, garmstro! You sound like you've been through the mill with the reactions to the meds. I hope that the sulfasylazine helps your symptoms without all of those nasty side effects.

Agree with the doctor, chronic pain does a number on you! Depression wise, foggy-brain wise and fatigue wise. I think we tend to minimize the pain we're in because after awhile we get used to it...until something really painful crops up. But minimizing that pain takes a toll. Makes us laggy, foggy, depressed. But still we tend to deny it. So it's good that you got a chance to hear it...from a doctor, no less. I'm sure you'll hear it from everyone here, as well.

I think you'll get a lot of information here and compassion too. It's a great place to be and to learn more about your disease from caring people who've been there.

hi Garm glad you have found us and are taking your disease seriously now. Too bad about the sores I hope they heal fast and you can get back on enbrel. I only know that sulfasalazine helps with colitis I have not heard if it really helps with PsA or not.

Depression is a huge issue for all us chronic pain sufferers. Its hard to be happy all the time when disease and pain are always nagging at you. You doc sounds like she is a good one..... Welcome aboard

I was just put on Celebrex- how long did it take for you to feel better and how long until the side effects began to show? Glad to have you join our group!

I know where you coming from Im new to the group too I never realised just have much it effects your whole body I was blaming other things and thinking there must be something else wrong to have so much pain thru the whole body and I get depressed to because I cant do the things I want to do, and some days feel like Im 90years old especially now because I went off my medication because I didn't think it was doing what I expected it to do,but now realise it was doing something as I feel like a cripple at the moment . I know when people around you can't see what pain your in you need to be able to identify with someone.....

Welcome to the group. Your story sounds soooooo much like the rest of us. I still can't get a "firm" diagnosis, but my doctors "Think" that's what is going on with me, but a rheumy said he didn't think so based on my xrays. SIGH. So, we all come here to fight the good fight together. Nice to have you in the group. I have learned so much here!

Lainee B.

Happy birthday, Lainee! Wishing you WELL!

Lainee B.

Thank you!

SK said:

Happy birthday, Lainee! Wishing you WELL!

Lainee B.

so......sores turned out to be another rare disease associated with PSA. It is called pyoderma gangronism. I now have multiple sores on my right shin that have developed since I was taken off the enbrel. began to take cymbalta and that seems to be helping with the anxiety considering I will now be trying to control 3 different diseases associated with rheumatism. I just wanted to give everybody an update, and once again thank you all for the warm welcome.

Dear Garm,

I surely hope that you can get rid of the 'sores'and never get them again! What we don't go through!!! Hang in there, my friend!

That make's since about depression i just went on an antidepessant's . I't dosen't change anything but it helps me get through life with this desease.