Howdy from AL

Hello! I have been reading some of your posts for a couple weeks and decided it was time to come out of the shadows as my PsA is progressing and it is time to start doing some research and I will probably need some advise as I continue to move forward.

I am a 48 yo male and was diagnosed with PsA 6 years ago, it sounds like my PsA has had a slower onset than some. As of now, it is primarily in my hands - swelling, restricted finger range of movement, and of course the pain. My elbows and knees also ache often with no visible swelling. I also have psoriasis on my scalp and in my ears.

I have been taking Sulfasalazine and Feldene for 4 years. When I first started SSZ, it was like a miracle - I was swelling and pain free for nearly 2 years. As with all good things, it didn’t last so my Rheumatologist has slowly increased my dosage and I have been at 3000 mg SSZ for 6 months but the PsA is ignoring it.

So I am now considering Humira, but like many others, I’m very hesitant to take the step … classic denial I’m sure … but still scared. On the other hand, I would love to be able to rough-house with my kids again and it would probably be nice to not wake up with aching hands nearly every night. I think the lack of sleep and corresponding fatigue are my worst side effects.

I have some questions, but I will search the Forum in an attempt to not repost questions that have been answered already. I am looking forward to interacting with the group, you appear to have some “characters” here :slight_smile:


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You know us too well already Cory! We’re looking forward to interacting with you too.

Any particular questions or concerns you’d like to run by us characters? :grinning:

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Starting biologics was scary for me because I had prostate cancer several year ago. Thanks to the information and resourcers I found here, I made the decision to try Enbrel. You have to weught he pros and cons.

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It IS a big step, Cory, but if it makes you feel better you will know it was necessary and the best decision you could make! I speak from experience–like you, I waited six years with a diagnosis before going on the meds…I was even afraid of sulfasalazine. But, when things became so bad I couldn’t handle it anymore, I went on Enbrel (3-1/2 years ago) and it’s been great for most of my PsA pain and psoriasis. I really can’t complain with at least 80% improvement! You will only accumulate more damaged joints by not treating it with a biologic.

I hope you take the plunge soon and you get good results fast!

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@ckbaer Welcome, Cory. I approached Humira 3 times and avoided it all but the last one. I am now in process to begin it. Reading the good stories here helped to make a decision. Enjoy the group!

Thank you all! It’s difficult finding accurate and meaningful information (or at least sifting out the accurate and meaningful info) but it helps to read all the personal experiences. I have my next follow-up on Apr 19 and expect I will take the next step with Humira. I have a couple other questions that I will field with a new thread.

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I’m in Bama too!