Good Morning guys & dolls,just thought I’d give you a quick update. 10 weeks post surgery & I’m struggling a little,my last PT has left me in some new pain. I’m hoping that he just pushed me a little too far. The top of my arm has been throbbing since last Wednesday. He is a sports therapist,he knows I want to get back in my veggie garden! Anyway the other thing is,I think my juice ran out this weekend,I’m due my infusion on Thursday. The Orencia has been working wonderfully but the last few days I have terrible fatigue & some pain returning.
I’ve got to say that when your meds are working & your feeling fab,it really sucks to feel crappy again!

I hope you have continued steady recovery, Lindseylou. Don't let that sports therapist push you too far. Avoiding inflammation is the goal even if that adds some time to your garden plan! Good luck!

I had shoulder surgery,rotator cuff repair with screws,bursa removed & AC joint trimmed. There was a ton of scar tissue to remove. I go for my infusion today,I really need it,I’ve never had such bad fatigue. All week my shoulder pain has been awful,different from the usual recovery pain. More like an intense throb going down my arm.