Upcoming son's wedding and having shoe issues

Ok ladies…I need help and/or suggestions for shoe selections for my sons wedding. I cannot wear heels anymore…knee and hip issues. Flats are a good idea, What I am asking is for some wonderful sites to go to that understand feet issues.

Fashion advice from me??? The world may crash but anyway Vionic Felipa Wedge Sandal $65, DSW.com Vionics are great orthotic sandalsJust like Birkenstocks with a great cork sole… Get a pedi (ask @Seenie, when in doubt she gets a pedi)


I think those are the ones sold at the foot & ankle place I went to—there are many Vionics styles. I’m planning on getting some for my vacation in FL.

I’m telling you. . . . check out https://www.barkingdogshoes.com/

A blog about footwear, written by someone with rheumatoid arthritis, who has reviewed, researched, etc, shoes for all different issues.


Oooh, tntlamb, I like those. And yes, you are abolutely right about a pedicure. Pretty feet hurt less, don’t you find?. It has been proven in study after study. :blush:


So now Rebel, give us a hand here: when is this wedding, and what is the weather expected to be like? If it’s warm, then sandals are fine, but if you are going to Tasmania in July, you’re going to have to rethink the suggestion.

Wow, that’s a great collection of comfy shoes, Stoney. With the price of footwear, few of us can afford the trial-and-error method of shoe selection! Lots of sensible advice there as well. Thanks for the link!


Exciting news Rebel_mom! The rebel is tamed(?!)

I’d be more worried about the hat side of things - hats instantly turn me 80. But whatever shoes you find (great suggestion from our in-house fashion advisor tntlamb) you can always take some ‘sensible’ ones along too for later in the day when everyone’s letting their hair down & your feet might need a bit more comfort. That’s what I do anyway.

Congratulations all round!

Brilliant site Stoney.

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So sorry for not being more specific
The wedding in the first weekend of June in Birmingham AL
I want to wear wedding tennis shoes but my family is appalled of the idea
I have knee and hip issues, yes I know I need to get them replaceed but no time before the wedding. I need some shoes that have awsome support and will allow me to be comfy for all the standing, dancing and whatever else I need to do for this glorious event. Any websites that one knows of that understands strange feet issues would be appreciative.

Hi there Rebel_mom, I know about issues getting shoes… I ended up having to get some through an orthotics place to get some to fit my short fat feet :roll_eyes:
Try a google search for orthotic shoes or podiatrists, you might be able to find somewhere locally that have a selection for you to look at, or better still try on. These guys specialise in shoes for foot problems, there are some pretty awesome selections around these days… of course it depends how much you have to spend too.
All the best with finding some!! Comfy shoes are definitely a must for any occasion!! :smile:

Like this maybe?


But they’re not dead flat, possibly not sufficiently supportive and are perhaps a bit plain, depending on outfit I guess.

As you mention tennis shoes, I immediately thought of the sparkly, lace-up, tennis-type shoes that are around at the moment, Ugg do some ‘glitter trainers’. Might they fit the bill?

Hi Rebel_mom, I can’t help with the shoes (tntlamb has a much more developed sense of fashion than me), but I just wanted to say that whatever you do find, remember regardless of what others might think, the best thing is to be able to enjoy yourself and participate in all the wonderful parts of the wedding with minimum pain. You have that right :slight_smile:


I have decided to wear a low flat and change into a nice sparkle pair of tennis shoes for the reception. Need the added arch support.


Not that I’d know, but I’ll say it as if I do: bang on trend! Have a great time!

Good for you! I hope you have a lovely time :grinning: