Two questions: best day to take methotrexate AND Jaw 'cracking'

Greetings friends. I have to questions to present for opinions:

1) I have played with my schedule for taking my methotrexate and Enbrel. I have been taking methotrexate on Saturday night because it makes me rather spacey and tired. A nap is ALWAYS part of Sunday's schedule. The problem that I am having is I feel it wears out around Thursday so I feel crappy on thursday night, Friday, and really lousy on saturday. so my weekends are becoming feeling crappy on Saturday and sleepy on Sunday. I work all week and have little energy in the evenings, so I am feeling my life is working and feeling tired and crappy. not fun. any suggestions on a better regimen?

2) As many know, every day is a new day and last week I began this horrid CRACKING sound in my left jaw. I often locks closed then cracks which scares me and anywhere nearby cause it is loud. Not painful at the moment but the locking is not pleasant - especially to push it to unlock. Any insight? Yet another arthritic joint? I have an appointment with my dentist next week, but curious of others experience.

Peace be with you all and have a great day.

Sonna B

Hi Sonna!

1. I'd say talk to your doctor about tweaking your dosage. I'm not on mtx, but when I was on Enbrel, I had a similar experience - feeling better for a good part of the week, and then feeling worse/crashing before my next dose.

2. I have arthritis in my jaw, so that could be a possibility for you. TMJ is also big in people with PsA. (

Get the jaw thing checked out ASAP. About 25 or 30 years ago I woke up after knee surgery with my jaw stuck shut. It then moved to what you describe- occasional locking and having to press a certain place to get it open. Being young and stupid, I lived with it until the day it wouldn't open any more no matter how much I pressed the magic spot. After months of physical therapy, two surgeries, a couple of different splints, every anti-inflammatory in the book, massage, acupuncture, thousands of dollars spent, I still don't have anywhere near normal opening and have had the same head/neck/upper back pain for 25 years now.

There are probably as many quacks treating TMJ problems as you'll find anywhere. Be careful who you go to. Your dentist should be a good place to get a referral, but do be smart about who you let near you. Good luck with this.