Turning a corner

I've been gone for a little while. Life got a bit hectic at work and with a Chorus for which I'm the President of the Board of Directors. And there was some stress. And a flare-up. And the methotrexate wasn't working for shiz-nit. So I waited patiently for my rheumatology appointment.

And then came Enbrel. It likes me. I like it. My stress is reduced, as in my pain, fatigue, swelling and nausea. My appetite is coming back and my ability to be up, awake and functional is increasing daily. I got my insurance approval and the handy little Enbrel support program kicked in to reduce my out of pocket expense to $0 for six months and $10 a month for the next six months, effectively saving me $4,068 over the next year.

I had a bad migraine this weekend after overdoing it on Friday and Saturday at the Chorus dress rehearsal and concert. But I was able to introduce the Chorus onstage on Saturday and address the audience during the second half. In a dress. And heels. While standing. Small and yet significant victories.

There's a glimmer of hope that I may have turned a corner. From the posts I've read on this site I know that positive results can be short-lived. Nonetheless, the relief I feel right now is most welcome. I intend to hold fast to that feeling of optimism for as long as I can.

Happy Hanukkah to those of you celebrating. Whatever your holiday, may the season bring you relief from your pains and hope for the year ahead.

I am so glad for you Jane! And thanks for posting, it makes me feel almost better to see friends doing better. Enbrel worked a year or so for me but it didn't just stop it eased up . And there are a lot of people who get years of relief from their biologics. I do believe with this disease the more years you can keep the inflammation under contro the morel likely you are to have a remission of long standing. I really hope this is you experience. Happy Holidays to you Jane.

So good to hear that you are doing well right now.

That’s really good news, any improvement is fantastic…good luck, hope it continues :slight_smile:

Thanks, Michael, Stoney, Louise. It is a treat to have more then one good day in a row. Warm thoughts to each of you.

Glad to hear this. This gives hope to all!

What wonderful news, Jane! Have a wonderful holiday season, and enjoy those high heels! :wink: Wishing you many, many pain-free days

Cheers, Seenie and Rebel mom! Hope you get to kick up your heels for the holidays.

Certainly, great greats for you. Have a very happy holiday season.