Turmeric update

In October I started taking a turmeric based supplement called Zyflamend, by New Chapter. After about 2 weeks I cut down my dose of my NSAID (diclofenac) to half, and then after another week decided to see what would happen if I cut out the NSAID completely. I have noticed a slight increase in pain now that it's been about a week and a half, but manageable considering that the is the first time that I've been completely off of an NSAID.

Last night I forgot to take the supplement, and all day long I've been more achy all over, and have a few joints actively hurting. I didn't realize I had forgetten to take them until after dinner tonight, when I looked at my pillbox. I've had this happen before, when I've forgotten to take my NSAID.

Wow! Almost as good as a prescription NSAID? Now I'm impressed.

That's awesome!!! Happy to hear it's working for you.

That's great that it's working well for you as well.

I ordered some so I’ll let you know how I do. It is great to hear that you are having great success.