Spice turmeric

i have no idea if this has helped anyone else or not... however i have started adding the spice turmeric to almost all the food i eat and i have noticed a substantial DECREASE in my joints swelling just thought i put it out there in case someone was interested


I did a bit of research on this. The supplements seemed like it would be easier and stronger though, and one seemed to come highly recommended. Zyflamend from New Chapter. There were some warning considerations but they didn't apply to me specifically. I may just need to try this out. Has anyone else tried it, either as a spice or as a supplement?

when i told my girlfriend i have this dx, she told me to take turmeric as it has helped her with fibromyalgia. i bought some but my rheumy told me to save my money. ha ha

hello, i went to see an accupuncurist he said to make a paste with water and tumeric and put it on my patches of psoriasis and wrap it so it doesnt get everywhere and sleep with it on. i have done this about five times now and can see a huge difference in the inflamation. he did suggest to put it in my food ,i have yet to try this. but am willing to try...

Turmeric is recommended strongly for our skin probs and arthritis (and autoimmune inflammation) in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s helped my father a great deal. It’s easy to add to your food - and I imagine cheaper than a pill but haven’t compared. It has little taste. 1/2 tsp or so a day. Mix with warm milk at bedtime. Or with hot water, lime juice, honey in the morning. I put it in sweet potato bc the colors match :slight_smile: easy peasy

If you don't like the smell or taste of turmeric, the capsules are a great alternative. I don't remember what they cost, but it beats extra meds. I'm going to resume taking mine because of this discussion.

Be cautious with supplements. About 15 yrs ago ginger was touted for its anti-inflammatory properties. I started taking it along with everyone else it seemed. Then it turned out that it caused blood thinning and bleeding problems in high doses. People were advised to stop taking it a week before any kind of surgery. It was advised to not take it if you were on any NSAID’s. I ended up bruising all over so badly I had to stop taking it. Now I think we’re on to the next great anti-inflammatory supplement. Just be careful. We can’t really see side effects well until a large population starts taking it, and then it is easy to see (like with ginger).

I did try buying and preparing turmaric as was mentioned in an earlier discussion, although it tasted ok I couldn’t swallow it…I just sort of gagged and couldn’t take it down. This happened to me years ago too when I was using chinese herbal remedy for my P. If my body won’t accept something i try to take , I don’t persevere with it…I always think there’s a reason for it. My partner took it instead for his ‘golfers elbow’ and found it very useful with a reduced tendon recovery time from previous episodes

My acupuncturist put me onto turmeric, I add 2 teaspoons to a glass of water and have it twice a day. Along with the acupuncture, I will have to say that it has decreased the inflammation rapidly. I have been taking it for 5 weeks and have found a big difference.

I decided to start the Zyflamend and have been on it for almost 2 weeks now. I have decreased by NSAID by 1/2 for the last few days, and have not noticed any increase of pain or inflammation. I would be thrilled if I could come off of the NSAIDs completely.

The best that I've ever done is to minimize my NSAID, never to come off it completely.